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Introducing 1-Click Sales Funnels for Online Schools

Selling digital products is all about the “funnel”: how to make the path of your potential customer as easy and friction-less as possible, all the way up to confirming that precious course sale.

Let’s face it, your customers’ time and attention span are limited and hundreds of products and distractions are competing to lure them away from your school. Your course will only have a few seconds of your customer’s attention so you can’t afford to have a slow, tedious sales process. Everything needs to be optimized. One less step, one less form field can really make the difference and increase your conversion rate and bottom line.

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1-click sales funnel for a single Course.

See live example

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1-click sales funnel for a Course Bundle. Same concept – different template.

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1-click sales funnel for a Subscription plan. Yet another great looking template

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1-click sales funnels are the state-of-the-art when it comes to funnel optimization. And we make it available to you today!

What are 1-click funnels? (also called 1-step sales funnels). Simply put, they are online forms where you potential customers can provide , in a single pass, all the information needed to complete a purchase. Boom.

As of today LearnWorlds allows you to create 1-click sales funnel for selling your courses, subscriptions and bundles!

Everything takes place within the same page: the customer’s account is being created and their password is being setup. If you use Stripe as your payment gateway then a pop will appear for the customers to enter their credit card info. If your customers have made purchases in the past through Stripe,  and chances are they have, then their credit card info will already be stored and they will just have to confirm the purchase with an SMS code. Then the payment will be processed and voilà, your customers will get access to their course!

You can easily add a 1-step sales form in any of your pages using the pages builder templates.

One Step Sales Form Template

How to create a 1-step sales page

To create a 1-step sales page all you need to do is create a new page with our Pages Builder and choose one of the ready-made “1-click sales funnel” templates. Then, simply associate the sales form with one of your courses, subscriptions, or bundles, save the page and you are good to go. Need help? Here is a step-by-step guide showing how you can do this

Since this is a sales page you will want to further enhance it so that your customers feel that they are completing a safe and secure transaction. The full power of the Pages Builder comes handy so feel free to check 5 ways to supercharge your checkout page and boost your conversion rate.

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