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10 Recipes for Automating Your Online School & Save Time

LearnWorlds is all about helping you run your school more efficiently and bring better results. We are always adding new features that will help you get rid of all the useless, wasteful tasks in your life and help you focus on what really makes sense for you: making your students happy and selling more courses.

So once again we listened to your feedback and we bring you LearnWorlds WebHooks, a powerful mechanism that allows you to connect your school with dozens of third-party applications and fully automate hundreds of tasks that drain your precious time and energy. We calculated that these automations can save you at least three hours of work every week! Youhou! Imagine all the things you can do with this extra time!

Here are 10 amazing recipes to automate some of the most tedious tasks with LearnWorlds WebHooks and Zapier:

1. Add new LearnWorlds students to your email list

A well-maintained email list is probably one of the most valuable digital properties you own: you can use it to inform your audience via a newsletter about new courses and offerings, as well as to find new customers. This recipe allows you to update your list without having to go through the mess of manually exporting and importing your students’ emails.
Here is how it works:

2. Add new LearnWorlds students to your CRM

More and more edupreneurs and larger training organizations, now use CRM systems to manage their customers and refine their sales process, ultimately leading to more course sales. But how can you ensure that all your contacts are in sync? Exporting and importing CSV files is a mess and takes tons of time. With our webhooks and Zapier you can now automate this process and be certain that your CRM is always up-to-date.
Here is how it works:

3. Enroll students from your CRM to your LearnWorlds school

Many CRM and marketing automation tools include their own lead capture and sales pages. A good example of this is infusionSoft, a top marketing automation platform that’s used by many medium businesses to capture leads and drive sales. Up until now all these courses sales needed a manual enrolment in your LearnWorlds school. Not any more: our WebHooks can pass the information from your CRM over to LearnWorlds and you won’t have to deal with a manual enrollment ever again!
Here is how it works:

Automate Them, Automate Them All

4. Receive an sms for every time you sell a course

>How nice it is to hear the ka-ching sound of a new course sale! Music to your ears. This recipe allows you to receive an sms for every new course sale or subscription in your LearnWorlds school.
Here is how it works:

5. Record new LearnWorlds sales in your accounting system

Accounting can be a nightmare. LearnWorlds includes a full built-in invoicing system so you are covered. However things can become even easier if you automate the process of recording all your sales directly to a accounting/book-keeping software.
Here is how it works:

6. Enroll Shopify customers with new purchases in a LearnWorlds course

Many edupreneurs maintain online stores where they sell both their courses and other products such as books, DVDs or merchandise. Wouldn’t it be great to automate the course sales process through Shopify? (although LearnWorlds provides a full Shopify integration, this method here allows you to maintain two separate stores for your courses, your shopify store and your online school)
Here is how it works:

7. Register new LearnWorlds students for a webinar on GoToWebinar

Do you offer webinars as part of your courses or marketing efforts? Do you hate having to manually invite students to your webinar, day after day? This recipe takes away the pain and makes sure that all your new students will be invited on time to your next webinar.
Here is how it works:

8. Log new LearnWorlds certificates as new rows on Google Sheets

Many professional certification programmes require you to submit a list of all students that have passed an exam and have been awarded a certificate in your school. Or you may simply want to keep a list in a spreadsheet as a backup. WebHooks to the rescue so that you don’t have to spend time on this arduous process.
Here is how it works:

9. Post a congrats message to facebook for every awarded certificate

Students are very proud of their accomplishments and so are you. So what better way to further motivate them (and drive engagement in your online courses) by posting a congratulatory message to your facebook page or twitter account.
Here is how it works:

10. Send handwritten Thankster cards to new students that received a certificate from your school

We may like our automations but that doesn’t mean our online school needs to be a cold place. On the contrary! Thankster helps you to a warm, friendly gesture by posting authentic, handwritten cards to the students that received a certificate in one of your courses. Neat, heh?
Here is how it works:

The recipes above use Zapier, a famous task-automation platform that provides hundreds of ready-made automations. However our WebHooks are much more powerful and you can use them to fully integrate with your corporate back-end, your platform’s API, or any other complex system.

With Zapier now accessible within LearnWorlds, you can quickly create LearnWorlds Zaps to automate your repetitive workflows and take care of tedious, yet important, tasks such as these:

However, numerous platforms provide direct support for WebHooks so you don’t necessarily have to use a middleman like Zapier.

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