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5 Ways Humor Benefits Your Course Launch

Do you need another marketing trick for your online courses? Well, today let’s look at what the experts have to say…

Research has shown that almost all successful viral advertising messages include a humorous element!

No wonders why humor has become a valuable advertising tool. Humor above all positively influences human emotions and attitudes. The outcomes of humor, relate to consumers’ behavior, and memory.

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Humor parallels the pleasure we feel upon being physically touched- sharing a joke can be linked to sharing a hug. Imagine how you can use humor as a course seller. It can also help you communicate potential offensive inquiries or specific taboo topics in a humorous way. So, let’s see 5 reasons humor is so effective for brands.

Eisend’s (2018) extensive research, reports many humor mechanisms that reveal why humor is so essential. Below are 5 reasons he suggests humor can help your marketing:

1 Humor builds social bonding

With humor, you can maintain pleasurable associations with conversations that will bond you and your audience and form affectional ties between you.

Humor is a tool for building and strengthening relationships between salespeople, marketers, and customers, as well as between consumers. Using humor will help your target audience commit to you, trust you and build a stronger quality relationship with you.

2 Humor is a booster for health and well-being

With humor you can positively enhance stress moderation and social support mediation.

Using humor in your branding affects the mood and affect of your target audience. People with positive feelings tend to evaluate objects (i.e., advertisements and brands) more favorably. That means that if you have potential customers, who haven’t bought a course yet, using humor might affect them!

3 Humor is a friend

Eizend (2018) also says that humor synchronizes a group’s social knowledge.

Have you ever told a joke only a few of your fellows had understood?

Yes, humor can help you segment consumers who share the same social knowledge from those who do not. Sometimes you may want to address only a few people in your audience.

What are other effects of this mechanism? The so-called “Vampire effect”. Robust or related humor attracts the attention to the humorous part of the advertisement. Hence, it can distract audiences from processing counterarguments. For example, if you are launching an online course, you can emphasize the humorous part of your idea and this way you shift the focus to its positive side. This is a clever way to positively influence your group’s attitudes.

4 Humor is a provider of social information

It provides social information, and rewards the information provider.

There is a credibility problem in electronic word-of-mouth. Humor might not only increase word-of-mouth communication activities, but also the trustworthiness of the communication partner. Consumers might show a higher likelihood to engage in humorous word-of-mouth.

5 Humor has a disabling mechanism

Last but not least humor enhances critical thinking. Should a customer select your course or a course from another brand? Humor introduces your idea to the observer that is incompatible with the world of normal expectations.

How does this mechanism work? Humor helps the observers of a situation notice unacceptable reasoning. This fact has a suppress affect, where people are prevented from unreasonable behavioral actions.

For example, with humor, you can make consumers aware that brand switching is unreasonable. Comparative humorous advertising often tries to show that.

Pepsi Ad Example

Eisend also analyzes other humor mechanisms that can be explained based on the evolutionary psychology (A meta-analysis of humor in advertising, 2018). For example, he states that humor is more effective in societies were relationships of consumers with brands, products, and services are more negotiable, like the United States.

Also, he claims that humor is more effective when you fit the demographic characteristics of the target group (gender, education, brand or product experience).

The final take is that humor can enhance a brand’s social status. Having Humor breaks schemas and scripts. Why don’t you start practicing it? It may become a great asset for you and even a competitive advantage 😉

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