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Meet our expert hosts

Panos Siozos, PhD

LearnWorlds co-founder and CEO
Panos has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology and extensive work experience as a software engineer, e-learning researcher, and science educator. Before following the startup route, he worked in the European Parliament as a policy adviser for research and innovation.

Jo Milonis

Product Marketing Manager
Jo has a robust background in the tech SaaS industry, with over 6 years of experience driving product-led growth. She is on a mission to revolutionize eLearning by educating digital creators on what they can achieve with LearnWorlds.

Eliza Canni

Learning Designer Expert, LearnWorlds
Eliza is a technology enthusiast with over 10+ years of experience in informatics and customer service environments. Eliza has enabled hundreds of course creators, coaches and entrepreneurs to build and grow a thriving business.

What you will learn...

Think outside of the course with 18 foolproof styles
Watch on demand and discover 18 diverse course design styles to repackage your content into digital products that convert.

01: Pre-evaluation course

Test your audience's skills or attract new leads.

02: Presell course

A storefront to give a taste or validate a new course.

03: Orientation course

A glimpse of what your academy offers.

04: Teaser & mini-course

Simpler version of full-sized courses, great as a teaser.

05: Live course

Turn from face-to-face to online learning with ease.

06: Workshop course

A glimpse of what your academy offers.

07: Professional Development course

Train groups through practice-oriented training.

08: Challenge course

Challenge your learners to achieve more.

09: Certification course

Ensure your learner's training success by certifying them.

10: Spotlight course

Teach very specific skills, and sell in bundles.

11: Academic course

The academic curriculum style that universities follow.

12: ...and more!

Seven more course templates to discover in our live event.