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How to Tweak Your USP & CTA to Sell More Online Courses

There are plenty of rules and principles for designing great web pages but when it comes to a website’s landing page, it is almost a science. The designer’s task is to find and promote a clear USP (unique selling point) for their online school, and then attract attention to one primary call to action (CTA). Here at LearnWorlds, we want our course authors to be able to create great landing pages for their courses’ store without the need to hire and pay a designer. That’s why we offer them beautiful ready-made templates for achieving both a clear USP and an effective call for action. This post shows some of the magic templates LearnWorlds offers for the first zone of your landing page. Each one of the can be totally customized with your own texts, images and video
A useful triplet, a USP, a video and a login form for straightforward conversions

Another one with a USP, an image and a signup button

When you want your logo to become the protagonist. USP and CTA follow.

Some more variations with custom background and images

Zones for underlining the 4 unique characteristics of your online school. Everything (colors, images) are customizable by you.


A beautiful combination of a USP together with a search box for your courses. Very useful when your online school grows a lot.

A typical courses catalogue search with semitransparent layer and custom background image

All these are just a small glimpse of more than 100 pre-ready templates for you! And we keep adding…
If you want aesthetic superiority, there is no other alternative to LearnWorlds.

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