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Convert your docs into stunning ebooks

Since the digital age is upon us, more and more people embrace the digital books (e-books). E-books are preferred around the world due to the fact that they have low cost, they are quick and easy which makes the demand for ebooks to continuously grow.

In regards to teaching, e-books have managed to help both tutors and learners since they can be acquired and used instantly. What is even better is that you can import your own files to your LearnWorlds and turn them into an interactive e-book in just a few steps. Lets see how you can achieve this to offer your students amazing material in the form of an e-book:

1. Go to a course you want to add your e-book and access its editing page. There you can create a new e-book learning unit and go to the e-book authoring environment (click edit button on your ebook).

2. Now click on the “Import word file” icon at the top.

3. Click on the “Upload file” tab and then browse your computer and choose the word file you would like to upload and click open.

4. When your file has finished uploading, you will be presented with the screen below.

5. You can choose how you want the doc’s formatting to be treated during the import.

6. Press “Start importing now” to start the process.

7. Your word has been converted to a great looking e-book! Click “Save” to finish the process.

Well done, you did it!

Now you can make your online courses even more equipped and professional by implementing them with e-books in just a few clicks.

E-books are great for enhancing the teaching experience of your learners. Your students will be able to add annotations and interact with the e-books you have created this way. Try it for your next LearnWorlds online course!

Learn how to use all the tools of your LearnWorlds school from our new and updated Support Page: Support.LearnWorlds.com.

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