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Stand on Learners’ Success with Course Navigation & Custom Completion Rules

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Learning Activities Completion Visualization for Compliance learning and training

The success of your training depends not only on the course materials but also on how deeply a learner immerses in the experience you provide. Managing your students’ learning path might seem like a “mission impossible,” but now you have a lot more power than ever before🦸

Introducing completion rules into an online training program can help you win the challenges of eLearning and ensure your academy delivers on promise to your students. You can build a unique learning path in your Higher or Customer Education programs, Employee, Professional Development, or Business training to ensure your learners don’t neglect a single piece of your valuable content. Customize your course progress and learning unit completion settings to guarantee the credibility of the certification you are issuing.

Here at LearnWorlds, we equip you with all the tools you need to control your students’ progress and completion of your courses. Discover how easy it is to ensure exceptional outcomes for your training programs by taking a look at the course navigation and learning activities completion tips👇

Design Course Navigation Based on Desired Outcomes

Our successful course creators know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to course navigation. In order to create effective course navigation, you need to start by thinking about your desired learning outcomes.

To ensure your audience understands your course’s value at once, present content in a free navigation environment. Free navigation will work perfectly for programs that are not time bound, as it allows learners to move through your course at their own pace, plus it makes it easier to find the information they need. Give your students the flexibility they need to succeed.

With sequential navigation, you can build a real story out of your program content and ensure your students grasp the knowledge your training delivers. Sequencing the content will reduce the risk of a difficult program not being completed by breaking it into micro-content units that your learners can take step by step. Offer your learners a guided path and ensure they don’t jump from section to section randomly. With sequential navigation, your students are more likely to absorb content even with minimal guidance during a self-paced course.

When you have to ensure that your learners complete key learning activities of your training program, you can explore the prerequisite option. In this case, you mark logical blocks of your training (so-called milestones) by making them mandatory to complete to unlock further learning units. This touch of gamification creates higher course engagement and gives a sense of accomplishment along the way. Furthermore, you can set an exam or quiz as a mandatory milestone to pass before certification to ensure your learners gain the required knowledge.

Create Your Training Learning Path

Here, at LearnWorlds, we support your training programs with 20+ eLearning content types. You can choose the learning activity which delivers your content in the best way. Be it audio, video, eBook, or a quiz, you have it all & more to build your unique training program. But your learning path-building capabilities are not limited only to the content types. You can easily customize completion rules for each learning unit of your course and be confident your audience realizes the value of your training.

Ensure that your learners complete a particular percentage of videos or read a certain percentage of eBooks before moving on to the next learning unit. Decide how long your learners must stay in a Zoom meeting or how long it takes to complete a self-assessment activity to be eligible for your certification.

You can easily customize the completion rules for different learning activity types or even apply distinct rules to the units of one type. Your intro video mustn’t have the same completion requirements as a video from the 2nd module of your training program. And you have this flexibility to enforce your program’s unit completion based on the learning path you designed.

Managing your students’ learning path will definitely pay you back. It guarantees your training outcomes, assuring that all the learners who have successfully completed your course, gained the required takeaways. It adds to your trustworthiness, as compliance-based learning stands for your certification credibility. And finally, it strengthens your brand with the unique completion logic for your training, because the content can be copied, but not the way you teach.

When you find the recipe that works perfectly for your training programs, you don’t have to experience the hassle of setting your customized learning unit completion rules to each of your courses manually. That can be easily done by clicking on the checkbox “Apply to all courses” in your Course Player tab.

Your Academy, Your Program, Your Rules!

Facilitate your learners to gain the maximum out of your amazing training programs. Go beyond content creation and manage your students’ learning paths to increase their engagement and training outcomes. Make sure you deliver on your brand promise and secure the credibility of your certification, knowing that your learners have completed 100% successfully their courses. With LearnWorlds, you can do it all by customizing user progress & completion rules of your training programs with ease!

Check the How to guide for more details and hurry up to join LearnWorlds for a 30-day free trial, if you are not with us yet!

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