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Join the Course Sales Bootcamp on April 19 [Free Live Workshops]

You have created an online course, but now what?

Don’t worry, it’s not just You!

Many course creators are experts in their field, have a dedicated audience or are awesome teachers, but cannot sell their online course.

I am super excited to announce our upcoming Course Sales Bootcamp!

This is a 5-day Bootcamp that will teach you how to sell your online courses.

There are many workshops out there promising incredible results without delivering real value.

Our promise is actionable advice you can act on immediately, requiring a lot of work and dedication on your part. However, we will be there with you to support you while preparing your marketing and sales strategy!

We have packaged our best strategies, most actionable tips, and resources into one compact course with live Q&As to help you tackle one of the biggest challenges of every edupreneur.

Are you ready to take your business from ZERO to HERO and start generating revenue?

Who is it for?

Whether you are selling your first course or looking to increase your sales, this is for you.

We are going to present something for both new and experienced course creators.

Many incredible educators are not great marketers or salespersons. We will show you that it can be done, and it will be simple actionable tips.

Why Join?

You are still reading this because you want to grow your sales. We will be helping you follow a path to success that has worked for many course creators and entrepreneurs.

The bootcamp will be led by LearnWorlds’ expert team, our CEO Panos Siozos, and our senior marketers Nick and Stella.

If you are not convinced yet, here are a few extra reasons for registering:

Along this course, we will also show you how LearnWorlds can help you use all of the above knowledge to get better results and convert your audience into paying customers.

You will also learn how to:

🎯 Build an Audience
🎯 How to Price a Course
🎯 Create a Landing Page
🎯 Prepare the Email Funnel
🎯 Review, Test & Launch!

If you still don’t have a LearnWorlds account, click here and start your free trial.


We kickstart the workshop with a webinar on Monday, April 19th at 12 PM Eastern / 5 PM GMT.

You get access to the material a few days earlier.

A Community, Q&As and Feedback

You are not walking this road alone!

There are hundreds of thousands of course creators like you, and we are building a community of creators and edupreneurs. Join us and thousands of your peers in this bootcamp.

We will be expecting everyone to introduce themselves, and share feedback with each other.

What are you waiting for?

Register today, introduce yourself, your course and wait for our email.

We will be answering your questions through the discussion forum and sharing live examples and suggestions on how you can improve your sales funnel.

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Nick Malekos is a Senior Digital Marketer in LearnWorlds. He is a results based and well-rounded Digital Marketer with years of experience in the education industry, writer and digital literacy trainer.