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How to Create the Perfect Thank-You Page

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Saying ‘Thank You’ matters. Whether you say it to your boss, your colleagues, your wife, your kids, your friends, your existing or prospective clients, it’s a gesture of gratitude.

Now, who wants to be impolite?

As an online instructor, you need to grasp every opportunity you have to tell your clients how thankful you are to have them ‘on board’ and an even greater opportunity to upsell 😉

If you don’t take the time to say ‘Thank You’ – especially when your clients go the extra mile to ‘please you’ e.g. buying your course, then you are guilty for taking your relationship with them for granted. Not only that, but you are risking of losing them altogether. As you would imagine, this isn’t very beneficial to you or your business.

An excellent way to show your gratitude is creating a ‘Thank You’ page that is dedicated to your target audience highlighting the perks of ‘staying in touch’ and grabs their attention before they have a chance to leave.

Importance of a thank you after purchase

What is a Thank You Page?

A ‘Thank You’ page is the page where subscribers get redirected immediately after they bought a course.

Other ‘Thank You’ pages or pop-ups can be found upon submitting information in the opt-in form, subscribing on the newsletter, purchasing a product (a course) or downloading a free product (e.g. an eBook).

In simple terms, a ‘Thank You’ page is the page that appears at the end of the online journey of the buyer, who is following the call-to-action points (CTAs) from your landing page.

Why do you need a Thank You Page?

Despite the fact that it’s an important page to have on your business site, it’s often underestimated, even though its benefits are many. Apart from thanking the subscriber for signing up on your email list, the use of a ‘Thank You’ page is to provide instructions as to what happens next, present the options that the site visitors have and nurture those leads you get in your sales funnel.

The benefits of a ‘Thank You’ page are:

For an online instructor whose goal is to increase course sales, investing in marketing and generating leads is a priority. A ‘Thank You’ page can do all of that whilst filling necessary holes.

On top of that, the probability of selling to an existing lead is at 60-70% compared to new customers which is currently at 5% to 20%. Quite a big difference, huh?

What goes in there?

Taking into account how most basic marketing strategies that define how a web page should be structured, you need to emphasise on the advertised products (a.k.a. your courses), and highlight the most important messages promoted on your site. As such, what goes in ‘Thank You’ page depends on:

– what do you want to achieve
– what you indent to say to potential clients and
– what do you want them to do

Best practices for ‘Thank You’ pages include

A list of actionable steps: The more information you can provide on a single page, the more user interaction you can expect. An excellent idea for creating more actionable steps is to include a video with call-to-action buttons e.g. to buy another course at a discount or consider other products you offer directing them to your best blog posts or support pages. Also, make sure to provide clear instructions on how they can access what you offer.

thank you page unique coupons

A positive ‘thank you’ note

It’s important to show to the user that by completing a purchase or providing their contact details and reaching the ‘Thank You’ page isn’t the end of the journey. On the contrary, this could be the start of a new friendship. As such, make sure to greet the visitor with a message through a genuine, smart, or – why not, a humorous note.

A personalised ‘thank you’ message: The secret for building a concrete relationship with your customers is engaging with them in a better way. This means that you need to create a user-tailored content that directly speaks to them.

In a short personalised message

-‘Thank you for registering’ or
-Thank you for subscribing on our weekly newsletter’

Make sure to use their name and thank them for taking the next step. Also, confirm to users that their subscription was successful. If needed, you can direct them to their email to confirm their choice.

Social media options: If you are community-conscious, add links to your school’s social media platforms to help them keep in touch with you every step of the way either to inform them about upcoming events or new products and at the same time increase your social following. The key here is to offer variety on social platforms.

Connect on social media

Option for sharing the offer

If you want the world to know about your school, you can provide a share link on the page leading back to the landing page or any other page you prefer. This way, your newly subscriber’s friends can get easy access to the news through social media and then if they are interested, they get to check out your page.

Site navigation

A good idea would be to include a navigation menu that shows visitors where they can go from there. This helps to encourage the visitor to stick to your school page and continue exploring other options e.g. learning more about your school, how it all works out and the courses you offer.

Free products

Who doesn’t like to receive gifts? An extra eBook, a checklist, some useful content with tips and advice, or a discounted product that is related on the topic your users showed interest in, are few things that are more likely to encourage them to keep coming back on your page.

Gift your love

Suggest to subscribe to your blog or newsletter

An easy way to keep visitors engaged is offering the option for blog subscription either through RSS feeds or following the social media buttons. A small call-to-action point with the ability to share the link on the visitor’s profile can easily do the trick.

A survey

Don’t forget that gathering feedback is the road that guides to improvement. To achieve this, include a link for feedback or create a question that seeks answers by target-specific audience about the company to find out what you might be missing. A short questionnaire with 4-5 questions regarding the service you provide can work just as effective and could be the ace up on your sleeve.

Offers, Discounts & Testimonials

A special offer, course bundle, discount coupon for other courses in collaboration with testimonials can greatly increase your course sales!

Testimonials can increase social proof big time. People hesitate to commit to new things and usually spend much time researching on available services and products. Using testimonials is an excellent way to advertise the kind of service you provide and are worth more times than reviews because it comes from an existing bunch of happy customers. Use them with an offer and they won’t be able to resist.

A compelling story

There is nothing better than a story and there is no better place you can add it to. Offering information regarding who you are and what you do can help you establish a more profound relationship with site visitors and build on trust.

an engaging story

The Design

There are countless of options and a range of templates you can use for your ‘Thank You’ page on LearnWorlds. The designing part of the page is crucial because it needs to work well with your landing page and the existing options you offer the visitors. This means that you need to look for consistency in the colours, the menu setup, the fonts, and your call-to-action buttons.

LearnWorld’s builder offers the ability to create yours with the help of the LearnWorld’s assistant. This tool offers a couple of suggestions and a quick way to add them to your thank you page:
– Template for upselling and
– Template to other courses where you can include a discount offer

LearnWorlds Thank you page assistant

A Checklist: 10 Key Points to Remember

Don’t publish or finish editing your ‘Thank You’ page until you ensure you ticked off your list the following:

we like you too

At the end of the day, a ‘Thank You’ page provides the perfect opportunity to establish a deeper connection with your audience. It helps to keep your prospective learners engaged with your school at any point throughout their online journey and has the potential to power up your conversion.

Now, may you create an amazing ‘Thank You’ page that brings in the best of leads!

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