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Introducing 1-step Sales Funnels, Custom Checkout Pages & More

Top LearnWorlds Features of 2017 so far. And they keep on coming!

Creating and selling online courses through your own online school has never been easier. And any self-respecting entrepreneur recognizes the need to choose the right elearning platform to succeed. However there are tons of competing option and tools out there. Whether you are an educator building an online school or an entrepreneur launching your own academy you will be skimming through a number of confusing solutions. You will have so many confusing choices:

Nothing will add more to your course’s value than your own branded school. We pride ourselves in offering the top all-in-one course platform with full social learning experience, interactivity & gamification and an easily customizable online school to suit your needs. With our white-label plans you can take the platform, brand it with your own logos, colours and design, offering premium online courses for your learners.

In the past few months our dev team was on a spree, developing the best possible tools to help you sell more courses. The result? A state of the art platform based on our customers’ feedback and lessons we learned from building some of the worlds top online school.

Here, we have listed the top new tools & features that we developed since the start of the year:

More features for Marketing your courses

A growing arsenal of selling tools and marketing capabilities for your online academy. More sales, more income!

11-step Sales Funnels

Increase Sales

1-click sales funnels are the state-of-the-art when it comes to funnel optimization. And they are available in your school!

What are they? Simply put, they are online forms where you potential customers can provide, in a single pass, all the information needed to complete a purchase. Boom. Learn how to create 1-step sales funnels here.

2Custom checkout pages

Custom Checkout Pages Example

Your checkout page is one of the most crucial pages of your school: it is in this page that your potential customer will finally provide his/her billing details and confirm that purchase you worked so hard for. So it is highly important that you make this page as informative, as frictionless and as trustworthy as possible.

Now, using our Pages Builder and the power of our ready-made templates, you can transform your checkout page into a well-oiled sales machine.

3Coupons for Bundles & Subscribers

Upselling to new and current customers is the best road to success. Have you ever wanted to share your offers offline or online? Email a discounted offer for only your current students? Or just create a discount for marketing purposes?

You can offer a number of different coupons and discounts for your course bundles and sell more courses with a single swipe of the credit card.

And wouldn’t it be incredible if you could create hundreds of coupons instead of one-by-one? You can also do that with our Bulk Coupons functionality!

4SEO optimization

Get found at Google

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Similarly, if you create the best online course and Google hasn’t picked it up, does it make a sale?

Don’t take any chances. LearnWorlds now helps you optimize your school for Google and other search engines.

5Pre-launching courses

The lean method dictates that you should be promoting your course and signing up interested customer before you even have it! Start capturing those valuable emails today.

By the way, this a great method to push you towards your goal and collect valuable leads (especially if you tend to procrastinate). Pre-launching your course or your whole school is a great way to give you an incentive and a powerful marketing tool to collect your first potential customers!

6User Reactivation

Find out who of your students haven’t activated their accounts and re-invite them. An active community of learners provides additional value to your school, satisfaction and many opportunities to upsell to your satisfied students.

7Email Monitoring

Better monitoring = better support.

White label email communications

You can now see all the emails sent by the platform and provide better support to all your students.

Did you white label your email communications or not yet? (use your own email/domain to send the emails)

If you did, check out how to also customize your email signature through your LearnWorlds school.

More options for designing and theming your school

Having a professional digital presence will increase the trust of your potential customers. Create a beautiful online school and dazzle your audience.

1Choose your landing page

Would you like to have salesy landing page, your courses’ page or a custom made home page? You can now choose which page will be your default homepage and control the path to your courses’ sales! Dozens of fresh new templates are now available in our Pages Builder for every occasion.

2Video Zones (sales & landings)

Video zone example for landing page

And, being on the subject of a good sales page; did you know that a good video can help your audience identify with you and increase your school’s conversion rates?

You can now add Video Zones, premade templates where you can include a video to your visitors. If you don’t know what kind of video will help you achieve your goals, read the 5 Types Of Course Marketing Videos.

3CSS Customizations

Are you a design guru or programming legend? Is your IT team going to customise your online academy?

Edit the CSS of your school’s elements to suit your needs.

Edit the CSS of your school

4Social Network, People, Daily News, Workpad and more control

Looking for a full-featured impressive school or a minimal results based academy? Choose the features you want to include and deactivate the ones you don’t.

LearnWorlds is your own, white label online course platform. Modify it to suit your needs and your company’s style!

Deactivate features (apps) you do not need (i.e. daily news, social network, people, workpad).

More ways to communicate with your customers

Ways to communicate

Whether you want to create a social environment for your students, speak their language or control the internal communications, the options are yours!

1School Language

Parles Vouz Francais? Você fala português? ты говоришь по русски? ¿Hablas español?

For every school language there is a solution. LearnWorlds provides the capability to customize your school’s language. You can even localize your school with your prefered dialect or add your technical jargon if it is relevant.

Choose your language, customize it and offer a truly unique experience to your students in their own language. Build an online school that suits the need of your students and community!

2Customized Sign Up forms

Would you need to ask the phone number, address or website of your students? Now you can offer more or less options to your sign-up list and have a better control of the information you collect 😉

3Enable or Disable Messages

Would you like to include a vibrant community for your learners or do you fancy a bit more control over their interactions? You now have the option to disable the default settings for messaging between your students if you wish to!

LearnWorlds provides a social network experience, increasing the value to your community. If that does not fit to your business or teaching strategy, you have the full control of your school and can disable it at any time!

4Manual Enrollment updates (bundles)

We like to give you options that help you sell your courses and manage your business as you like. You can sell your courses using any online or offline method and then manually enroll your students.

You can either enroll them in a single course or a bundle of courses!

More Learning Units & flexibility in delivering amazing courses

Choosing the right online course platform is not only a matter of features but also of functionality, ease of use and the tools to manage it!

1Drip feed your courses

How to enable drip feeding
“Drip-feeding” is just a fancy way of saying, “scheduled lesson delivery”. Imagine all the exciting courses you can create with this! How about a “30-day course to success”? Or a “21 steps to becoming an expert marketer”? The possibilities are really endless.

Keep your students engaged. Learn how to drip-feed your courses.

2Ungraded Exams & Assignments (Dashboard)

Grading digital exams and assignments? What a hustle!

You can easily lose track of your grading and would need to shift through filters of ungraded assignments and courses. A waste of time. Using your LearnWorlds Dashboard you will be able to immediately access your ungraded assignments right in front of you.

3Latest posts (Dashboard)

You got your online school running well and a vibrant sociable community of students interacting with each other. Managing that sounds like a full time job, or a simple dashboard reporting automation could do the job.

Getting to see the latest community posts every time you log in will give you a quick overview of where you should interfere, reply or moderate.

4Protect your course material

disable pdf downloading
Would you like your students to be able to download the material or are you worried about the copyrights and the protection of your content?

You can now choose between allowing your learners to download the training material or block them from downloading and print screening them.

Add an extra layer of intellectual property protection to your documents by having more control!

5Downloadable Personalized Certificates

Awarding your students dedication, hard work and monetary investment is always a good idea. And especially if you are a certifying organisation, you can now automate the certifying of your students by allowing them to download or print a certify after specific exams or assignments.

More flexibility in receiving payments

1More payment gateways and currencies

LearnWorlds now supports 5 different gloabl payment gateways, more than any competing platform. Plus, we do support several custom payment gateways for use in local markets. We can even connect with your payment gateway of choice. Just contact us for more info.

Use LearnWorlds with Stripe, Paypal, Authorize.net, 2checkout and Shopify

Right out of the box you can choose among the following payment processors for accepting payments.

2E-currencies are here to stay: accept payments in Bitcoins and Alypay

Stripe now supports Bitcoin payment and Alypay, and that means that your school can support it too! Sell your courses and get paid with Bitcoins? Done!

Note: Stripe is the only one that supports subscription payments (weekly, monthly or yearly)

More speed and power for your school

Working on improvements, one you might not have seen but probably felt it, is a great increase in performance. All our schools load 50% faster and our biggest schools (with thousands of students) run up to 400% faster.

Our dedicated servers and separate databases increase security and with some magic from our programmers, the speed! A close to seamless experience for your teaching or corporate training.

How we did it? Our team was working overdrive to deliver a great experience!
Hard working LearnWorlds IT team

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