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How to Create Interactive Learning Content Online With H5P

H5P interactive activity inside LearnWorlds course player.

H5P is an open-source, community-driven system for creating rich and interactive multimedia for elearning. Thousands of universities, enterprises, school districts, governments and other organizations use H5P to deliver interactive learning experiences.

H5P empowers instructors to create richer and better experiences by adding gamification, interactivity and rich multimedia into an online course. It can take your online teaching to the next level and it is suitable for both professionals and newcomer course creators, making rich educational content an easy task, without the need for complicated and expensive authoring tools.

Using both H5P and LearnWorlds’ interactive video & ebook authoring, you can create a unique and engaging e-course, that will keep your students coming back for more!

What is more exciting than content with which learners can interact and at the same time learn?

Interactive activity by H5P
How and H5P activity appears in LearnWorlds Course Player

Or what’s best than a self assessment tool that will allow learners to set their own goals in the course and evaluate if they have achieved those goals or other assessment activities? Such activities are powerful to achieve learning outcomes and to assure course completion.

goal completion activity by H5P

Our research showcases some teaching examples you could use based on H5P’s activities which are easily embeddable to the LearnWorlds platform.

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Create Interactive Comprehension and Assessment Activities

Comprehension is an essential part of learning. It is necessary to make sure that students are learning the material, understand what they are studying and retain the knowledge.

Comprehension activities are necessary for an online course and they can also be used to assess learning outcomes. Any activity with feedback is a potential assessment and can be used to reinforce knowledge.

What matters most is that the assessment:

Make sure that you vary your mix of comprehension activities so that you:

Such activities could be quizzes, written assignments or exams. For more interactive comprehension and assessment activities, H5P offers some pretty interesting activities you can create such as:

Drag the words

Whether it is to complete a sentence or match words, “drag the words” is an interactive quiz where the learners have to guess the right or match it to the right word.

This is incredibly useful for literature and language courses, as well as an easy activity for younger students.


Are you teaching history or anything with linear paths? Then, this is an awesome tool to use! You can give your students a unique presentation of historical facts or thought sequences.

Timelines help learners better understand and absorb details adding a visual path to stimulate both language and visual brain centers!


Every educator loves flashcards. Whether you are teaching language, programming, business or gardening, flashcards are one of the most exciting educational tools.

They are a really engaging way to allow learners to comprehend specific information. It adds gamification in learning and combines both pictures and text with feedback.

Drag and drop

Your learners will love this activity!

You can use it as a simple matching game, where learners have to match the images with the words or you can ask learners to drag the words and drop them in the right place on a picture.

But, in reality, drag and drop activities have many uses, from teaching a business model canvas, how an engine works or separating different concepts into categories. It can be used for both early childhood teaching and intellectually advanced concepts.

It is a great way to help learners absorb knowledge!

Image pairing

Have your students understood the concepts you teach them? A great way to know is to ask them το pair specific images together!

Image pairing might be viewed as a simple activity, but, in reality, it is a task easily repeated without tiring the student until they fully get the grasp of your lesson.

Language Teaching Activities

Are you teaching language?

Then, you will want to focus on diction, grammar and wording exercises to supplement your other material. H5P offers engaging activities such as Fill in the blanks, mark the word and dialog cards

These are the most engaging activities for language courses you can use that will make learning more easy and pleasant!

Or even if you are not teaching language and you are teaching some other skills, these activities may still be useful to you, especially if you want to add some gamification into your course.

Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks might sound like something out of elementary school, it is a great teaching tool. A very simple and easy to prepare activity with high educational value. It makes reading and engaging with a long text enjoyable and educational.

You can break the monotony reading exercises by having your students actively engage and test their knowledge!

Mark the words

Do you want students to be able to identify core concepts, a specific word, or mistakes in a text? Mark the word offers this capability, again, adding a layer of “interesting” to your reading comprehension activities!

Summary Statements

Teaching grammar might be one of the more challenging topics, but, what if you could ask students to find the right format of a sentence? With Summary Statements you can do exactly that.


What about auto correcting dictation?

Dialog cards

Listening exercises are essential. By listening to a native speaker, pronunciation and accents, learners can learn a language much faster. Dialog cards can help with that, making listening exercises a breeze!

Adding Gamification Activities to a Course


This is a great tool that allows learners to fill in their goals about the course they have taken, determine how they will achieve those goals, keep notes about their progress and also evaluate if they finally achieved their goals.

On the last step, the student can generate a document with all the input and download it.

Guess the answer

What is the best way to induce excitement about what is coming next in your course than asking students to guess a specific answer?

It doesn’t matter if they answer right or wrong!

What matters is that you put your learners in the procedure of guessing-this makes them more active participants of your course!

Image juxtaposition

Do you want to show the before and after for a situation in an engaging way? Image juxtaposition is the right tool for you!

You can show the effects of a product, a method or a concept you are teaching!

Audio recorder

How about recording their thoughts or answers? Adding an audio recorder to your course can really help with practising or audio assignments.

H5P’s audio recorder will make it easier for your students to record their voice, download the file and then send it to you for feedback.

Whether it’s just for note-keeping, listening to their voice or as an assignment, it is an awesome tool to add in any course!

Memory game

This is a great activity to let people relax a little bit and also make practice at specific concepts. You can either combine images with images or images with text and you can also include audio in the cards!

Content Absorption and Exploratory Learning Activities

Presenting course material doesn’t have to be linear, text or in any way boring. There are many ways to take your content to the next level and excite your learners!

H5P offers some innovative ways to teach online. Try these tools for a better presentation:


Give your students the chance to zoom into pictures. This way they will feel your course more explorative!

Zooming can give the feeling of being in the frontlines of research and might be particularly exciting for biology or geography students.


Presenting content in an accordion format. From a more compact bullet-point approach to adding more information, it can be embedded in ebooks or as a FAQ inside your course.

Is is one more opportunity for your learners to interact with your content!

Image slider

A more exciting way to present pictures? If your course content is image-heavy, you might want to have a slider or two to make it easier than endless scrolling. This is also a great activity to be combined with LearnWorlds’ interactive ebook.

Impressive presentation

With this tool you can create exciting material presentations. You can include images, slides with text and images zoom in and out and really give your students the feeling that they are having a tour while they study.

These were some of the activities you can include in your online courses using H5P. You can use them the way they are presented here or in any other way you can imagine that fits your course!

Don’t forget that assessment works best when it is ongoing, not episodic. This way, you can also show students their progress in the course and what they achieved in each step of the way.

Use interactive activities to support learning until the desired level of knowledge has been achieved. Interactive assessment activities show evidence that learners engage and participate and opportunities for learners to apply their knowledge and skills and identify where they lack understanding.

How to Use H5P with LearnWorlds

H5P can be used inside LearnWorlds courses as an embed activity. What you will need is:

*H5P has updated their pricing in 2020 starting at 1 – 3 authors for $57 USD per month ($570 USD per year).

Then, follow the steps below:

Step 1

To create a learning activity, you will need to login to H5P.com. On the first screen, you can choose what kind of activity you want.

creating a learning activity with H5P
Choosing a learning type activity on H5P

Click “Details” and then “Use” to choose an activity and start editing it.

Step 2

Start editing the activity. H5P will give you a starting demo template to use, you can either edit that or start from scratch and get creative with the activity you are creating.

I have tested the drag & drop function, where you have to follow the instructions on how to write the text to make it into a drag & drop exercise.

On that example, I had to add stars (*) at the beginning and the end of the words or phrases I wanted to make draggable.

drag and drop example with H5P
Creating a drag and drop learning activity

Don’t forget to “Save” often if you are working on a long activity and then come back by clicking on editing.

Step 3

To embed the activity on LearnWorlds, you will need to scroll down the activity (while editing).

publishing an activity from H5P on LearnWorlds

Step 4

Copy the embed code and paste it locally. From the embed code you will need to keep only the Embed URL, which is what is included in the src attribute:

embeding H5P on LearnWorlds
Adding an Embed Activity to show H5P on LearnWorlds

Step 5

Paste the link in an external link learning unit:

embeding H5P on LearnWorlds

You can preview the activity by clicking on the preview button.

embeding H5P on LearnWorlds

And, you are ready to go!


We truly live in a rich multi-media world, and you need to take every chance to capture the attention of your students. Adding interactivity, gamification and engaging multimedia can take your course to the next level.

H5P supplements LearnWorlds’ Interactive Video Player, Ebook and Community to deliver engaging elearning experiences to your students.

Your students will love your material, while satisfaction and completion rates will skyrocket for your courses with students coming back for more!

Give it a go and let us know what you think of!

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