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Launching the LearnWorlds Academy

Ladies & Gents! We are proud and excited to announce the launch of our very own LearnWorlds Academy.

After months of planning, designing and coursework development, we are delighted to share the results with you. Revealing the science and art of creating online courses and how to monetize them through the LearnWorlds Academy.

A place for course creators to learn, connect and grow a profitable online business. Those new to eLearning will find courses on how to create an online course and eLearning videos, while more experienced edupreneurs will have access to advanced marketing & sales material.

eLearning is a constantly evolving and adaptive concept. We have decided to launch our online Academy and educate the educators, course entrepreneurs and trainers of the future. There is a world of opportunities out there, and we will be helping you to get the full out of them!

LearnWorlds is the best way to monetize your expertise as premium online training, courses or memberships. Are you ready to take your knowledge digital?

Courses for Course Creators

Learn from experts how to create your online course, teach using video and marketing your work and transform your passion into a business. Below are our first courses and more are coming soon!

How to Market your Online Courses

Marketing for online courses is for new and upcoming course creators who are ready to take their marketing to the next level and get results.

Going deeper into digital marketing, the course includes more effective long- and short-term marketing strategies to achieve real growth and help you reach six-figure in sales.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales-Ready Online Courses

Learn how best to create a course that sells!

– Identify your ideal customer
– Differentiate from competitors
– Craft a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
– Convert leads into customers

Video-Based Learning: A Complete Guide

Learning experts are intrigued to find out how videos affect learning and which techniques in video design and editing can ensure the most effective learning outcomes.

As LearnWorlds, we are primarily concerned about effective instructional design and learning outcomes. You will be thrilled to start creating your instructional videos!

Creating a Course with Learnworlds

Going through this training course will help you develop the content of your online course, how to upload video lessons, create ebooks and test, offer certificates, etc. Write down on a piece of paper your instructional goals and the material you want to include.

Then, follow the step by step instructions here and your online course can be ready in a few minutes. You got all the tools you need to create, host and promote beautiful online courses!

How to Access the LearnWorlds Academy

Login to the LearnWorlds Academy using your LearnWorlds admin account or create a new account using your email.

Access the academy from within your dashboard

Join a vibrant community of course creators, learn in a social setting, share best practices and ask for the advice of other course creators.

Connect, network and engage! LearnWorlds Academy is not only a place to learn but also a community to engage with other course creators using the social features of the platform.

Premium Courses for a Profitable Online School

While most of our content and the community will be free to access, LearnWorlds customers of the Pro Trainer & Learning Center plans get access to premium courses on Marketing and Selling Online Courses.

Social Networking with other Course Creators

You can also unlock the secrets of success by joining LearnWorlds today.

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Panos Siozos is the CEO and Co-Founder of LearnWorlds. He holds a PhD in Educational Technology and has worked extensively as a computer science educator, software engineer, IT manager and researcher in many EU funded research projects. Before following the startup route, he was working in the European Parliament as a policy adviser for research and innovation.