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Re-imagine learning with video

With a click of a button extract and show the video transcript, add hotspots and questions, add titles and images.

Show a synchronized transcript

Boost audience understanding by showing an interactive transcript that is automatically extracted from your video. Make your videos more accessible and much easier to navigate.

Add interactions without post-production

Add questions, titles, pointers, overlay images, links and a lot more interactions to your videos! Make them more vivid and engaging with no need for time-consuming post-production.

All hosted by us

Host your video content on us. If you already host your videos elsewhere on the cloud, worry not. Your school can be connected with all major video providers.

Check out stats about video interaction

Discover how learners interact with your videos, from engagement to completion.

A customizable, beautiful course player

Simple, flexible, powerful studying for your students.

Flexible pathways with drip feed

Select whether your users navigate freely, sequentially or set your own restrictions. You can even schedule the delivery of your online course with drip feed.

Casual reading with note taking

Offer multiple ways of adding notes and highlights. Help users to improve their scanning and reading strategies.

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A sophisticated testing engine

Offer graded or ungraded, formal or informal, close or open type questionnaires.

Assessments for every need

Make sure your learning outcomes stick with multiple types and formats of quizzes, tests, and assignments! Easily track, monitor, and report your students’ successful results.

Question banks for improved management

Create huge pools of questions and connect them to multiple courses and tests. All you need for secure, randomized tests for continuing education (CE) and certification programs.

Branded Digital Certificates

Design, develop and award your own personalized Digital Certificates! Learners buy easier when they are able to showcase their competencies at the end of their learning adventure.

... and a lot more learning activities

scorm / html5
certificate of completion

Promote the social talk

Being "social online" has real business and learning value.

Build a learning community

The integrated social network enables learners to discuss issues, exchange ideas and tips, share their experiences and advice within a community of practice.

Networking and public profiles

Give your learners the chance to communicate and connect among each other, to find partners and form an expanding professional network.