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Introducing New Payment Feature for Online Course Creators: Instalments

Here we are again with yet another New Feature we just released based on direct input from all of you amazing people. ? ? ?? ?? ? ❤️

We know that getting someone to make the very first purchase of one of your online courses is the most important and most difficult thing. Once a student takes this very first step then all subsequent purchases come much more natural. LearnWorlds already offers you a bunch of payment options to choose from, such as single course sales, course bundles, monthly and yearly subscriptions (aka memberships or recurring payments).

Today we bring you a new option, designed to make your courses – especially the more expensive ones – even more affordable to your customers.

Without further ado I am presenting course payments via installments.

What are installments?

Installments or installment payments is a payment solution that aims to make the financial transaction easier providing the option to break down the total payment into manageable chunks of money. This helps customers feel safer when they are entering their credit card details and trusting you with their money. They want to choose a payment method that is right for them and easier on their wallet.

The ecommerce industry is constantly evolving, always coming up with more and more convenient ways to conclude an online transaction. We can say with confidence that the installments implementation in LearnWorlds is by far the most robust and flexible in the industry, ready to serve any pricing option and business model. We are determined to stay at the edge, making the distance between your courses and your next customers as small as possible.

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What are the benefits of installments?

Installments provide a valuable break for students who would otherwise struggle to pay the whole amount at once.

In fact, installments seem to be a preferable option for the majority of consumers, as a recent research from installments provider Splitit showed the following:

How to set up installments in LearnWorlds?

Setting up installments in your LearnWorlds school is a breeze: all you have to do is:

You can even choose between a simple payment plan (a number of equal payments) and an advanced payment plan (with a bigger upfront payment and a number of smaller installments). You can even set up how many days after the initial payment the installments will start to be collected.

The opportunities are endless and you can set up just the right plan that matches your audience and business model. ? ? ? ? ?

If you need more information about how to set up installments in your own school today just check out this very informative article in our Help Center or get in touch with our Impossibly Helpful Customer Care team.

And remember, LearnWorlds keeps getting better every single day:)

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