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Introducing the Faster, Better & More Powerful LearnWorlds Media Library

What if I told you, you can have a Faster, Better and more Powerful Media Library to manage your images on LearnWorlds?

An all-in-one platform to create, market and sell your courses means you can also build a whole elearning website and a blog.

Your company deserves a beautifully branded academy.

Our refreshed and fully polished media library will make your work with images of any size and shape, easier and quicker.

how the media library looks

A Better Way to Upload Images

With this media library, you will be able to upload and manage your pictures much faster than before.

The Multi-uploader functionality will allow you to build a rich media library and upload every image you need faster. Just drag and drop the images and click on the button!

uploading multiple images

More Options Including DropBox and Google Drive

Upload images from your own device: Computer, tablet, iPad or smartphone!

Take photos from your camera: You can now capture yourself with a smartphone or from your computer’s camera and directly upload it to your school.

DropBox: Connect to your dropbox account and access all your images directly from there, no need to download and re-upload!

Dropbox connection example

Google Drive: Coming soon! Similar to Dropbox, you will be able to connect your Google Drive account to your school and make image management even easier!

Directly from another website: Insert the address of any public image (you have the rights to) in the web and use the “link to url” option to upload it directly to your school.

Quick Access to Free Stock Images

Remember when you were looking at websites to find free stock images to use in your landing pages?

We have partnered with Unsplash to bring you a quicker way to find and use high quality stock images from a gallery of over 1 million free-to-use images.

Searching for educational images on Unsplash.com
Searching through Unsplash on LearnWorlds

If you are looking for something different, you can visit any of the Top 10 Free Stock Image Sites in our list.

Easy Management & Editing

Now, you can quickly edit, preview, insert and delete images from the main screen.

Let’s focus on the editing part here. When you click on the edit button for an image, this gives you the power to:

how cropping an image works

*You need to click “Save to Library” for any changes to take place.

Better Search with Image Tags

This is a centralised image library, common among your courses and pages. It might be easy to find an image out of a handful, but what if you school grows to hundreds or thousands of images?

The new Media Library comes with a better search function that looks in both the title and the image categories to bring you the right one.

Adding tags to your images will help you organise them.

Tag your “favourite” images for finding them quickly or tag them by category.

tagging images on LearnWorlds

The Media Library was designed to be a productivity booster to your online course business. You can upload images faster, make quick edits and organise your material like a pro.

Why don’t you give it a try and let us know if you like it?

Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills.

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