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A List of 112 Social Media Holidays for 2020

Who said planning a marketing campaign is boring?

While taking a glimpse of all the social media holidays that occur every year, it’s easy to figure out that there are plenty of things to do each month.

Social media holidays are all about fun while creating a buzz around those days that are important to remember. With 2019 coming closer to its end, 2020 is slowly coming up and you should be planning to celebrate those holidays that are relevant to your business.

Doing so is an excellent way to boost your marketing campaigns because they offer an excuse to reach out to your audience and increase your course sales.

On top of that, posting about social media holidays can:

So before you create your marketing plan for next year, make sure to add these dates to your social media holiday calendar. While you are at it, also take note of the hashtag used for each.


January 1st, Wednesday, New Year’s Day #NewYearsDay

The first day of the year begins with New Year’s Day and sounds promising because it’s the perfect day to make new resolutions for the upcoming year.

January 4th, Saturday, Trivia Day #NationalTriviaDay

Trivia Day offers the best excuse to show off your knowledge, sharing information on stuff that you only know about and the majority most probably don’t.

January 9th, Thursday – National Take the Stairs Day #TakeTheStairsDay

This day is a precious reminder to stay fit and healthy by skipping the elevator and encouraging others to do the same. Taking the stairs helps tone your muscles, lose weight and improves your cardiovascular health.

January 14th, Monday, Clean Off Your Desk Day #CleanOffYourDeskDay

When this day comes up, it’s time to do some serious cleaning and tidying up your office, while getting rid of clutter and useless paperwork.

January 15th, Tuesday, Hat Day #HatDay

This day gives you permission to craft your own hat and wear it proudly in public. You can wear it at work or in class…while hosting a webinar. Why not, right?

January 16th, Thursday, Get to Know Your Customers Day #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

Get to Know Your Customers day occurs on the third Thursday of each quarter (in January, April, July, and October) and encourages you to learn more about your customers – who they are and what are their shopping habits.

January 20th, Monday, Cheese Lovers Day #CheeseLoversDay

On this day people are encouraged to enjoy cheese in the variety of forms it comes.

January 20th, Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day #MLKDay

This day marks and celebrates the birthday of Martin Luther King, an influential American civil rights leader, who fought for racial equality in the US.

January 20th, Monday, Blue Monday, Jr. Day #BlueMonday

Blue Monday is recognized as the most depressing day of the year according to psychologist and life coach Dr. Cliff Arnall who used an algorithm to find out.

January 24th, Friday, National Compliment Day #NationalComplimentDay

For those who believe in the power of compliments, this is the best day to give one. Complimenting others helps to boost another person’s confidence and improve their mood.

January 25th, Saturday, Chinese New Year #ChineseNewYear

The Chinese New Year is the annual festival – usually referred to as the ‘Spring Festival’, that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar.


February 2nd, Sunday, Super Bowl #SuperBowlLIV

The Super Bowl is the annual championship of the National Football League (NFL) that is played between the champion of the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).

February 2nd, Sunday, Groundhog Day #GroundhogDay

This is an observance holiday based on the tradition that a groundhog is said to forecast the weather by looking for his shadow. Sounds weird? Learn more about it here.

February 4th, Tuesday, World Cancer Day #WorldCancerDay

World Cancer Day’s purpose is to raise awareness and education about the disease while pressing governments and individuals to take action against it.

February 9th, Sunday, National Pizza Day #NationalPizzaDay

Did you know that Americans consume on average 23 pounds of pizza per person each year? This is the day when you are allowed to eat pizza or treat your students with a couple of slices without any quilt.

February 11th, Monday, Make A Friend Day #MakeAFriendDay

Friends are valuable people to have in life. On this day, make it a goal to make a new friend, and share your experience with others.

February 14th, Friday, Valentine’s Day #ValentinesDay

Valentine’s day is filled with heart emojis and social media is taken over by people who aren’t afraid to show they are in love. Valentine’s Day marketing campaign is so big that you cannot afford to stay out of it.

February 17th, Monday, Random Acts Of Kindness Day #RandomActsOfKindnessDay

If you want to change the world, this is the ideal day to start. Help another human being and raise awareness about it by sharing it on social media.

February 18th, Tuesday, Drink Wine Day #DrinkWineDay

On this day, choose your favorite red wine and pour yourself a glass to celebrate the joy and the health benefits of this popular drink.

February 20th, Thursday, Love Your Pet Day #LoveYourPetDay

On the National Pet Day, you are allowed to give extra attention to your pet – cat, dog, or fish and spoil them more than usual. Just make sure you don’t overdo it with the feeding.

February 22nd, Saturday, Be Humble Day #BeHumbleDay

It’s difficult for someone to be truly humble and this is a day that helps you learn this virtue. This means there is no bragging about your abilities and successes.

February 27th, Thursday, No Brainer Day #NoBrainerDay

This is the day when you allow your brain to break free from all the troubleshooting it goes through every day. So if you have problems to solve, do it on another day.


March 6th, Friday, National Employee Appreciation Day #EmployeeAppreciationDay

On this day businesses take the time to appreciate and recognize the effort of their employees rewarding them for their contribution to helping their company grow.

March 7th, Saturday, National Be Heard Day #NationalBeHeardDay

The National Be Heard Day offers the best excuse for small business owners and entrepreneurs to share their ideas with the public and claim their share in the market.

March 8th, Sunday, International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange

The International Women’s day is dedicated to the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

March 8th, Sunday, Daylight Saving Time begins #DaylightSaving

On this day the daylight Saving Time ends in most areas of the US and clocks are set forward an hour.

March 12th, Thursday, Popcorn Lover’s Day #PopcornLoversDay

If you like popcorn, on this day of the year you can take your friends, your students or your mom and go to the nearest cinema to watch a movie while eating popcorn – salted or sweetened.

March 15th, Sunday, World Consumer Rights Day #WCRD2020

Consumer Rights Day is an awareness day for promoting the basic rights of all consumers and demanding that these are respected and protected.

March 17th, Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day #StPatricksDay

This day marks the celebration of the Irish culture, remembering the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. On Patrick’s Day, there are parades going on, food, music, dancing and lots of drinking.

March 21st, Saturday, World Poetry Day #WorldPoetryDay

On World Poetry Day we take the time to appreciate and support all poets around the globe. This is an initiative formed by Unesco.

March 23rd, Monday, National Puppy Day #NationalPuppyDay

The National Puppy Day celebrates the love and laughter that puppies bring to our life. It’s also raising awareness on their need for care and shelter.


April 1st, Wednesday, April Fools Day #AprilFools

On this day you are allowed to pull harmless pranks and tell jokes to others. April Fools usually takes over mass media and it’s an opportunity to show your playfulness.

April 1st, Wednesday, National Walking Day #NationalWalkingDay

The National Walking Day encourages you to take a thirty minutes walk emphasizing the benefits this exercise offers to you.

April 10th, Friday, National Siblings Day #NationalSiblingsDay

This day is dedicated to your siblings and helps to remind you that you should be thankful for having them in your life.

April 12th, Sunday, Easter #HappyEaster

The day of Easter is a joyful one and provides you the opportunity to reach out to people you care about – including your students, to wish them happiness and health.

April 16th, Thursday, National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day #PJDay

PJ Day is a fun holiday and allows you to do what it promises – wear pajamas at work, and share pictures about it with family and friends.

April 22nd, Wednesday, Earth Day #EarthDay2020

Earth Day is an annual event that is celebrated around the world raising awareness and support on environmental protection. It’s regulated by Earth Day Network which organizes events in more than 193 countries.

April 23rd, Thursday, World Book Day #WorldBookDay

World Book Day is an annual event organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization that promotes reading, publishing, and copyright.

April 24th, Friday, Denim Day #DenimDay

Denim Day marks the day when people are encouraged to wear jeans (denim) to raise awareness of rape and sexual assault.

April 28th, Tuesday, Pay It Forward Day #PayItForward

Pay It Forward is a worldwide celebration that reinforces random acts of kindness while rejecting our ‘ego’. It’s an excuse to help other people, and you can do so in many different ways.

April 29th, Wednesday, International Dance Day #InternationalDanceDay

The International Dance Day is celebrated annually on this day to promote art and culture and raise awareness about dancing.


May 1st, Friday, May Day #MayDay

May Day signals the rise of the spring, and in many cultures, it takes the form of a festival where dancing and singing are very common. In some countries, May Day also refers to International Workers Day, which falls on the same day.

May 4th, Monday, Star Wars Day #StarWarsDay & #Maythe4thBeWithYou

This day is dedicated to the annual celebration of Star Wars and it is renowned by fans. The date was chosen for the pun after the catchphrase ‘May the Force be with you’ – ‘May the Fourth be with you’.

May 5th, Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo #CincoDeMayo

Cinco de Mayo is a popular annual celebration that commemorates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla.

May 5th, Tuesday, Thank a Teacher Day #ThankATeacher

This day offers you the best opportunity to say a special ‘Thank You’ to all the teachers you had in your life and have contributed to becoming what you are today.

May 6th, Wednesday, National Nurses Day #NursesDay

National Nurses Day is another awareness day that reminds the important role of nurses within society. It marks the start of the National Nurses Week which ends on the 12th.

May 10th, Sunday, Mother’s Day #MothersDay

A day that is dedicated to all mothers and the beauty of motherhood, that honors their place in society.

May 15th, Friday, International Day of Families #FamilyDay

This day was created to remind and allow people to spend more time with their families and it is mainly observed in Canadian provinces.

May 18th, Monday, National Bike to Work Day #BTWD

Bike to Work Day promotes riding the bicycle as a healthy and safe way for commuting to work. On the day, there are lots of bike-related events going on in the US.


June 1st, Monday, National Say Something Nice Day #SaySomethingNice

The purpose of this day is to fight bullying and unacceptable behavior towards vulnerable people. By saying something nice, you help to develop the good within you.

June 3rd, Wednesday, Leave The Office Early Day #LeaveTheOfficeEarlyDay

This day encourages you to take some time off your day at work by leaving early and instead, doing something for yourself!

June 5th, Friday World Environment Day #WorldEnvironmentDay

This day was declared by the UN General Assembly, and its purpose is to gain public awareness of the need to protect and enhance the natural environment.

June 5th, Friday, National Donut Day #NationalDonutDay

National Donut Day celebrates the delicious donut and honors the people who served donuts during the WW1. Traditionally, you would get a free donut if you passed by a donut shop on this day.

June 8th, Monday, Best Friends Day #BestFriendsDay

On this special day, you can celebrate the friendships you have with people who you can call your best friends. Send out a card, an email or give them a gift to remind them how important they are to you.

June 21st, Sunday, Father’s Day #FathersDay

It’s the fathers’ turn to celebrate and they have a day dedicated to them. This is the day to appreciate the father’s love and effort as well as their influence in society.

June 21st, Sunday, National Selfie Day #NationalSelfieDay

National Selfie Day encourages you to take creative selfies and then share them on social media. When doing so, don’t forget to use the hashtag.

June 30th, Tuesday, Social Media Day #SMDay

Social Media Day was founded by Mashable in 2010 and since then it has become common to post something on your profile on the day.


July 4th, Saturday, Independence Day (United States) #4thOfJuly

The 4th of July is a federal holiday that celebrates the Independence Day of the United States.

July 7th, Tuesday, World Chocolate Day #WorldChocolateDay

If you are a chocolate lover, on this day you can treat yourself with a chocolate of your favorite flavor and offer it to others as well.

July 11th, Thursday, Cheer Up the Lonely Day #CheerUpTheLonelyDay

Many people fight with loneliness and that’s not always good. On this day help someone smile by offering them your company and encourage other people to do the same.

Jule 15th, Wednesday, Give Something Away Day #GiveSomethingAwayDay

Another great initiative that promotes the care for those who are less fortunate and encourages you to donate your stuff helping someone in need.

July 17th, Friday, World Emoji Day #WorldEmojiDay

This day is an emoji celebration day and it’s featured with many emoji events and product releases. The 17th of July sounds like a legitimate day to launch a new course.

July 18th, Saturday, Nelson Mandela International Day #MandelaDay

The Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated on Mandela’s birthday and aims to fight poverty while promoting peace, reconciliation and cultural diversity according to Mandela’s beliefs.

Jule 26th, Friday, Talk in an Elevator Day #TalkInAnElevatorDay

On this day, it’s your responsibility to break the awkward silence in the elevator. Skip the stairs, take the elevator and make a point to get to know the person you meet there.

July 30th, Thursday, International Day of Friendship #FriendshipDay

A day dedicated to the power of friendship that was first proposed in 1958 in Paraguay and it is currently being celebrated by many countries around the world.

July 31th, Friday, National Mutt Day #NationalMuttDay

National Mutt Day encourages people to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs. It focuses on adoption and finding them a loving home.


August 1st, Saturday, Respect for Parents Day #RespectForParentsDay

This day honors all parents from around the world for their selfless care and commitment to their children and the sacrifice they have shown towards nurturing them.

August 8th, Saturday, International Cat Day #InternationalCatDay

Created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, this day aims to raise awareness for cats and learn about ways to help and protect them.

August 9th, Sunday, National Book Lovers Day #NationalBookLoversDay

A day dedicated to those who love to read encourages you to find your favorite reading place, get yourself a good book and spend the day learning something new.

August 10th, Monday, National Lazy Day #LazyDay

Lazy Day gives you the chance to take a break from their daily chores and work and spend the day doing absolutely nothing. Yes, you heard that right. Nothing at all.

August 15th, Saturday, National Relaxation Day #NationalRelaxationDay

The National Relaxation Day encourages you to slow down and unwind. It’s a day that is dedicated to taking care of yourself and taking a moment to relax.

August 16th Sunday, National Tell a Joke Day #NationalTellAJokeDay

This day offers the perfect excuse to have fun. Spread laughter by telling a joke to your students. Besides, humor enhances learning and it’s super healthy.

August 19th, Wednesday, World Photography Day #WorldPhotoDay

World Photography Day is celebrated to promote photography as a hobby and encourages photographers to share their photos with the rest of the world.

August 26th, Wednesday, National Dog Day 2020 #nationaldogday

National Dog Day is a day dedicated to recognizing the importance of dogs and how they impact our lives. It also draws attention to the abused and abandoned dogs.


September 5th, Saturday, International Day Of Charity #InternationalDayOfCharity

This is an awareness day that promotes charity related activities around the world that are run by individuals, charitable, philanthropic and volunteer organizations.

September 7th, Monday, Labor Day #LaborDay

A public holiday that honors the American labor movement and the power of the collective action by laborers who are important for the operational structure of society.

September 11th, Friday, National Day of Service and Remembrance #PatriotsDay

Patriots Day is the annual memorial day for those who were injured or died during the terrorist attack on 9/11 or

September 12th, Saturday, National Video Game Day #NationalVideoGamesDay

On this day you can have a video game marathon session with your friends and family. The holiday came up as a result of the increasing popularity of video games.

September 13th, Sunday, National Grandparents Day #NationalGrandparentsDay

National Grandparents Day is a secular holiday across many different countries and cultures and celebrates the grandparents’ role in our everyday lives.

September 19th, Saturday, International Talk Like a Pirate Day #TalkLikeAPirateDay

This is a parodic holiday that encourages the whole world to talk like a pirate. On this day, greet the people you meet with ‘Ahoy’ or ‘Yo’ instead of hello.

September 21st, Monday, International Day of Peace #PeaceDay

On PeaceDay we celebrate the efforts of people who have worked hard to end the conflict and promote peace. This is also a day of ceasefire – personal or political.

September 22nd, Tuesday, First Day of Fall #FirstDayOfFall

This day marks the first day of fall and it’s a season that many people love and are always looking forward to. It’s time to put on those hoodies!


October 1st, Thursday, International Coffee Day #InternationalCoffeeDay

This is a holiday dedicated to coffee, one of the four most consumed drinks in the world. On this day make sure to enjoy a cup or two of your favorite coffee.

October 2nd, Friday, World Smile Day #WorldSmileDay

World Smile Day is a day devoted to smiling which is said to have many health benefits. On this day, you are encouraged to do an act of kindness and make a person smile.

October 4th, Sunday, National Taco Day #NationalTacoDay

Spanish food lovers get to enjoy a taco on this day. You can either get them at your local restaurant or cook them at home.

October 5th, Monday, World Teachers’ Day #WorldTeachersDay

A day that honors teachers, teaching organizations and the value of teaching in shaping future generations. This holiday is celebrated by more than 100 different countries.

October 10th, Saturday, World Mental Health Day #WorldMentalHealthDay

On the 10th of October every year, we celebrate mental health. This day is dedicated to supporting mental health and it’s a great opportunity to contribute to raising awareness about it.

October 11th, Sunday, International Day of the Girl #DayOfTheGirl

The International Day of the Girl aims to address the needs and challenges that girls face while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.

October 13th, Tuesday, National Train Your Brain Day #TrainYourBrainDay

Train Your Brain Day encourages spending more time challenging our brains with mental exercises such as quizzes and puzzles. This could be a great treat for your students!

October 14th, Wednesday, National Dessert Day #DessertDay

On Dessert Day, you are encouraged to satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy your favorite dessert. You can buy it or bake it and offer it to others for free!

October 15th, Thursday, Global Handwashing Day #GlobalHandwashingDay

An awareness day that promotes an understanding of the benefits of handwashing with soap, including killing germs that can make people sick.

October 16th, Friday, Bosses Day #BossesDay

On this day, employees are encouraged to thank their bosses for being kind, understanding and fair throughout the year.

October 16th, Friday, World Food Day #WorldFoodDay

World Food Day honors the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. On this day, enjoy your favorite food and use the hashtag to post about it on social media.

October 24th, Saturday, United Nations Day #UNDay

This is a public day that marks the anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Charter in 1945.

October 30th, Friday, Checklist Day #ChecklistDay

A day that celebrates the importance of making a checklist. Memos, post-its and To-Do lists are useful tools for productivity and work as daily reminders of important events.

October 31st, Saturday, Halloween #Halloween

The Halloween holiday is a celebration in remembrance of the dead. Celebrate this day with ‘trick or treat’, and wear that witch or zombie costume to make an impression.


November 1st, Sunday, Daylight Saving Time ends #DaylightSaving

On this day the daylight Saving Time ends in most areas of the US and clocks are set back an hour.

November 1st, Sunday, National Authors Day #NationalAuthorsDay

On this day we celebrate renowned authors and their work by promoting and purchasing some of their books as a sign of support.

November 11th, Wednesday, Veterans Day #VeteransDay

Veterans Day is a federal holiday that honors the military veterans who fought in the US Armed Forces.

November 19th, Thursday, National Entrepreneurs Day #EntrepreneursDay

Entrepreneurs Day creates awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership. This day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the people who start a business alone.

November 21st, Saturday, World Hello Day #WorldHelloDay

This day celebrates the need for better communication and bridges cultural differences. If you need inspiration on what to do, there are many ways to celebrate World Hello Day.

November 26th, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day #Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada that celebrates the harvest and other blessings the last year has brought.

November 27th, Friday, Black Friday #BlackFriday

Black Friday is a holiday dedicated to retail shopping that marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It’s the time of year when businesses go big on sales.

November 28th, Saturday, Small Business Saturday #ShopSmall

This is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses and communities. Coined by American Express in 2010, it occurs every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

November 30th, Monday, Cyber Monday #CyberMonday

‘Cyber Monday’ is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, which has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Marketing companies use the term to attract more people to online shopping.


December 1st, Tuesday, Giving Tuesday #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is an initiative that promotes charitable giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season as a response to commercialization and consumerism.

December 4th, Friday, National Cookie Day #NationalCookieDay

On National Cookie Day, you can visit your local bakery and buy your favorite cookies. Don’t forget to share them with your family, friends and students.

December 19th, Saturday, Super Saturday #SuperSaturday

This is the last Saturday before Christmas and marks the end of the shopping season. It is a big day for retailers because it’s high on revenue and targets last-minute shoppers.

December 21st, Monday, Winter solstice

Winter solstice marks the first day of winter. For the Northern Hemisphere will be at 5:02 am on Monday, 21 of December.

December 24th, Thursday, Christmas Eve #ChristmasEve

Christmas Eve is the night before Christmas and it is celebrated as a full or partial holiday in anticipation of Christmas Day.

December 25th, Friday, Christmas Day #Christmas

Christmas is the day of the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

December 31st, Thursday, New Year’s Eve #NYE

The New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year and is celebrated with gatherings with friends and family where many people eat, drink, dance and watch or light fireworks.

As you can see there are plenty of holiday occasions that offer the opportunity to start a discussion on social media. In an attempt to engage more people with your company or gain brand awareness about it, they can work perfectly for your online school.

How’s Your Holiday Marketing Going?

Social media holidays are essential, just like your holiday marketing strategy. But there is nothing to worry about because this social media holiday calendar has got you covered. When you are out of social media engagement ideas, just drop a hashtag for any of these days on your profile(s) and you are good to go.

Every year is different, let alone every month and day. What’s great about this is that there are different things going on and a handful of special occasions to keep celebrating!

Launching a new course on an important day for your business can help bring more revenue in.

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