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Taking LearnWorlds to the Next Level

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Hey friends,

Panos, Fanis and George here, co-founders of LearnWorlds.

We are super excited to announce that LearnWorlds is entering the next phase of its evolution as we are doubling down on our commitment to create the best online course platform a premium course seller could ever wish for.

What started several years ago as a cool side project has already evolved into a profitable SaaS business serving top course sellers in over 70 countries. The ragtag team of four who worked night and day to create the first MVP and bring it in front of trainers and students, has grown to a strong team of 25 26 28 amazing individuals. A dedicated band of overachievers who every single day pour their hearts and souls into helping some of the world’s top course sellers to reach their full potential, transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of students and, in the process, rake in earnings that just a few short years ago we thought it would be impossible to get.

During all this time we’ve come across so many amazing success stories. Like the people who initially approached us reluctantly with a half-baked idea about an online course or just a blueprint and soon were able to launch an online business and make a living or fulfill a lifelong dream. Others came to us having just a few dozens of people in their audience and soon were able to grow those leads 100x or even 1000x. Still others were already running thriving online schools yet were resigned to having to work with clanky platforms and nerve-wracking Rube Goldberg-style arrangements of plug-ins to make even simple things work and found it hard to believe that our up-and-coming platform could offer everything in one place, AND be the more stylish platform, AND apply the latest in edtech R&D. Some of them already managed to create multi-million course businesses that run solely on LearnWorlds and many more are on the same path.

How self-hosted course platforms looked like before LearnWorlds came along:)

To this day, we are constantly inspired by how our customers are using the platform to deliver captivating online courses and utterly amazed by the marketing prowess they show, taking the platform to the extreme, stretching and bending it to their creative will, but never breaking it. Their love has been palpably felt all these years and is what keeps us ticking (and the reason why LearnWorlds consistently ranks at the top of expert and customer review lists). We wouldn’t be here today without the support and feedback from our customers. We listen and evolve.

We are immensely proud that hundreds of thousands of learners have been touched by our platform, either acquiring life-changing career skills, enhancing their personal lives, or simply expanding their knowledge on a hobby they love.

At every turn we tried our very best, adding more features at a break-neck speed, answering tickets at 4 am in the morning, rebooting and restoring servers during holidays, fielding customer calls at every conceivable time of the day. I even recall vividly the time we had to sneak away from a Christmas dinner in order to help a customer launch his brand new school. And we could never have made it here without the help and devotion of all amazing co-workers here at LearnWorlds. Team, you make this possible and we are grateful 🙏.

What we discovered over those years is that we absolutely love what we are doing, we thrive under pressure and we enjoy sharing in the success of our customers.

That’s why we are determined to help even more people launch successful online course businesses. And for this we need to scale faster, grow our team faster to be able to handle the extra load, and continue building the platform as we have envisioned. We are doubling down on every level.

Another source of pride for us is that LearnWorlds has been a bootstrapped company from day one. For the first couple of years, we supported this project with our life’s savings, working dozens of unpaid hours every week, doing odd side-projects to finance LearnWorlds, and with the unwavering support of our spouses and families. Very soon we turned profitable and have been growing at an astonishing 100% per year ever since.

So, I am super happy to announce that LearnWorlds has completed a funding round with Marathon VC, a few weeks ago, that’s already being put to good use. Marathon VC is proving itself to be a valuable partner, and the extra resources will help us achieve our aim to make LearnWorlds the natural and only choice for top course sellers and corporations to host, promote or sell their high value, high volume, premium online courses.

Rest assured that the character of LearnWorlds as a business, the values and the vision that bonds us together will remain intact. It’s just that now we are even better positioned to deliver faster and better what you asked for and what we envision to be the next generation of learning technology.

And it’s not just the product: many businesses prefer to position themselves as “product-led” which most probably means they just prefer to deal with features, bells and whistles and neglect other aspects of the business. Teaching and selling online is a tough business and we know that you can use every last bit of help you can get. So we are stepping up our game in every aspect that matters to you: in the Product, the Design, the Support, the Customer Success, the educational content we produce, every little thing that will help you create the best possible online course and grow your sales.

We have already lined up for the next quarter an impressive bunch of product releases, aiming to solve the main issues faced by operators of large-scale online schools (either high volume course sellers or schools that offer customer or employee training), such as Advanced Analytics and Reports, User Roles and Groups management, a brand-new innovative Pages Builder along with unique and beautiful new School-wide Themes. And our ever-growing team is already working on the game-changing features we will be releasing early next year.

It’s been a crazy ride so far and – it may sound cliché – but we know that the sky is the limit for LearnWorlds and our customers.

For what’s worth we will be here, even more determined for hard work than the day we embarked on this journey.

Panos Siozos, Fanis Despotakis, and George Palaigeorgiou
LearnWorlds co-founders

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Panos Siozos is the CEO and Co-Founder of LearnWorlds. He holds a PhD in Educational Technology and has worked extensively as a computer science educator, software engineer, IT manager and researcher in many EU funded research projects. Before following the startup route, he was working in the European Parliament as a policy adviser for research and innovation.