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Birds ? are singing, bees ? are buzzing (that is if you too are in the northern hemisphere of this little spinning rock we are sharing) and it’s great to be back with brand new features, hot off the oven, to help you create the best-looking, highest-converting, user-friendliest online school imaginable:)

So, I am happy to present:

Re-ordering your courses

Yep, you heard that right. Just drag ‘n drop the courses and position them in the order you like. Put your best selling or newest course right at the front!

Securing your PDF files

Another top requested feature that we were more than happy to squeeze into this week’s release. Our latest security settings allow you to control whether you want to allow your PDFs to be downloaded and/or printed. Just head over to your “Site Settings” → “Data Protection” and you will find these two beauties.

A brand-new menu in your Pages Builder

A small token of appreciation for our beloved, super-creative course authors: a brand new menu for easily previewing and selecting our beautiful zone templates when editing your pages. Not bad, huh?

I want to try these now!

And remember, LearnWorlds is getting better every day:)

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Panos Siozos is the CEO and Co-Founder of LearnWorlds. He holds a PhD in Educational Technology and has worked extensively as a computer science educator, software engineer, IT manager and researcher in many EU funded research projects. Before following the startup route, he was working in the European Parliament as a policy adviser for research and innovation.

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