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A very interesting infographic about online course creation was released this week by FirePole Marketing. In a fragmented market such as the online
education industry it is always important to keep abreast with the developments so this infographic comes at a very opportune time, especially as more and
more professionals and experts are jumping on the “edupreneurship” bandwagon.

There are three things that stand out in this infographic:

First of all, online courses will keep growing at a fast pace: almost 20% of respondents are in the process of creating an online course and more than 55%
are thinking about creating one!

Secondly, money is not even the main reason to create an online course since the majority of edupreneurs take the high road and mention “help people solve
a problem” (51.5%) or “reach a wider audience” (23.4%) as their motivation for creating an online course. Amazingly enough, more online trainers are
interested in student success (35.5%) than making enough money (19.8%)! This means that online trainers aren’t just interested any more in a quick grab,
shoving low quality courses down people’s throats. Quality becomes the number one factor. Quality online courses and meaningful, deep learning experiences
is what can lead to student success, to helping people and to creating strong relationships with students and audiences.

Thirdly, marketing remains a major challenge for online course creators (34.5%) while amazingly enough, 16.8% still struggle with the technology needed to
create and deliver an online course!

These are some very interesting findings that really validate the direction that we here at LearnWorlds have been working on. Although online learning is a
crowded space, opportunities to grow are huge and the LearnWorlds platform really brings along a fresh approach to creating online courses, standing out
from the herd of old-school elearning platforms.

LearnWorlds, from the start, made a strategic investment on the quality of learning and on offering an amazing learner experience.

At a time when most elearning platforms deal with simply throwing pdfs or videos at students as a way to make them “learn”, using cumbersome user
interfaces and cheap solutions, LearnWorlds invested heavily in creating state of the art educational technology. LearnWorlds places the learners at the
center of a learning ecology that enables them to make strong, lasting, meaningful connections with the learning content, with their instructors and with
each other. Our unique in the market interactive video and interactive ebook features are the culmination of this effort. All this using a
beautiful, slick, and fast user interface, far ahead than anything the competition has to offer.

At the same time, LearnWorlds offers an integrated solution that solves the tech problems that edupreneurs are struggling with when trying to self-host
their online courses in their own websites. LearnWorlds takes away the complexity of creating courses and managing students, thus leaving teachers free to concentrate on what’s more important: finding the right content, getting their message across and engaging with their audience.

And we have responded to our users’ demands for better marketing support: with the upcoming LearnWorlds update, a whole new set of integrations with marketing tools will become available. Online trainers will now have a whole arsenal of marketing tools and tactics at their disposal, thus getting all the
help they need to bring their courses in front of the right audiences and creating the conversions they worked so hard for.

The state of online course creation is changing rapidly. You, as an online instructor, better invest in the right tool to make your effort worthwhile.

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