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Join us for Thriving Visions – The Virtual Event for Purpose-Driven Organizations

4 min

At LearnWorlds, we are immensely proud that many inspiring NGOs, charities, and nonprofits use our online platform in a variety of ways to successfully bring their visions of a better world to life.

Thriving Visions, a virtual event tailored to the nonprofit sector, will feature leaders and experts from several of these mission-driven organizations, who will share elearning best practices, industry trends, and a glimpse into their day-to-day operations.

Don’t miss this inspiring lineup of speakers and learn more about how you can grow your audience of supporters, communicate your cause, and fight for change through educating your community. Following the presentations, join us for a live panel discussion and the opportunity to pose your questions directly to the panelists.

Meet our speakers

Panos Siozos PhD CEO, LearnWorlds

Presenting: Crafting learning experiences that change lives
Tune into this talk for an overview of how elearning can help organizations in the nonprofit sector achieve their goals.

Sita Brand
CEO and Artistic Director
Settle Stories

Presenting: The Business of Storytelling

Tune into this talk to discover simple tools and techniques to reach your audiences and stakeholders more effectively through storytelling.

Devin Thorpe,
Champion of Social Good

Presenting: Nonprofit Fundraising Today
Tune into this talk for insights on online fundraising and ways you can use online courses to maximize your fundraising efforts.

Community Educator, Training &
Education Coordinator at Body Brave

Presenting: Educating for Impact: Lessons from Eating Disorder Education for Professionals

Tune into this talk to understand how to create an impact through elearning and achieve your vision.

Iliana Androulidaki
Customer Success Manager

Presenting: Deep Dive: Elearning Meets Real-life Nonprofit Needs
Tune into this talk to find out through case studies how a Learning Management System (LMS) can help you address your specific needs and serve your audience better.

Jamilya Ramos-Chapman
IT Director for ECPAT-USA

Presenting: Achieving Cross-Industry Innovation Through Online Learning

Tune into this talk to learn how to use online learning to reach a cross-industry audience and hear Jamilya navigate this process for ECPAT-USA.

Natassa Peioglou
Content & Communications Manager,
iED Academy

Presenting: Educational Marketing at iED Academy
Tune into this talk to hear more about educational marketing, its advantages, and how Natassa used it to grow iED Academy.

[LIVE] Panel discussion and Q&A

Following the presentations, join our elearning experts and nonprofit leaders for an interactive session and the opportunity to have your questions answered live.

Who should attend?

Thriving Visions is a virtual event that has been tailored to the NGO/Nonprofit sector. It will provide a unique opportunity for a wide range of professionals operating in the nonprofit sector (including, but not limited to, development and fundraising professionals, CEOs, Founders, marketing/business/operations professionals, managers, and others) to learn how elearning can be used to improve various aspects of operation for nonprofits.

What you will learn

Organizations in the nonprofit sector face many challenges that often threaten their very existence. Some of these issues include: lack of funds, lack of volunteers or staff, and problems with capacity building and training.

The pandemic and other global-macro trends have further exacerbated these and other challenges for many organizations in the nonprofit sector, negatively impacting their ability to accomplish their mission and achieve the necessary level of financial support.

At Thriving Visions, you will:

✔ Listen to case studies demonstrating how to use elearning and education to create impact.

✔ Gain strategic insights that you can implement to grow your audience of supporters (donors, volunteers) right away.

✔ Learn how you can raise more funds, from more people, to do more good.

✔ Understand how elearning can help you communicate your cause and fight for change through educating your community.

✔ Consider unique ways of increasing capacity building and training (volunteers, employees etc.)

✔ Broaden your knowledge base and draw inspiration from mission-driven leaders and experts in the nonprofit sector.

✔ Access exclusive offers and discounts.

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Veronica Andrianatos

Veronica Andrianatos is a Marketing Events Specialist at LearnWorlds. With an educational background in business and marketing, she has over 10 years of experience in the education sector which center around three areas: event, content and digital marketing. She is an advocate of customer oriented and data-driven marketing; passionate about creating compelling narratives and enthusiastic about designing successful marketing initiatives that promote brands ethically and authentically.