Taking a small-town sports business global

Martial Arts instructor William Camp introduces us to the world of their virtual Kenpo dojo from its inception to today, offering valuable insights to new trainers and course creators alike!
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Meet the instructor William Camp

William Camp, the creator of Virtual Kenpo, came up with the business idea of an online martial arts training school out of necessity: he wanted to teach martial arts and self-defense, but the presence of a lot of competitors in his hometown would have made it difficult for him to compete as a physical school. The decision to differentiate through an online academy led to a flourishing business away from geographical boundaries or having to commit to huge finances.
Virtual Kenpo employs a hybrid approach by offering both recorded and live video classes as well as coaching sessions when the student’s performance is reviewed and feedback is provided in real-time.
Once you have created the content you don’t need to re-create it, so, with a subscription base the school brings in a passive income.

The reasons for an online school were the low startup costs and a practically unlimited customer base

The resulting challenges were more easily addressed thanks to LearnWorld’s platform: e.g. switching video hosting from an external provider to native LearnWorlds hosting brought significant cost cuts.
Additionally, getting started is pretty easy thanks to the detailed resources such as the tutorials and the help pages. Whatever is not covered in there, the Support will quickly deal with it.
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Why LearnWorlds?

Discover the process behind Williams’ decision for LearnWorlds
LearnWorlds 🎓 was the All-in-One solution that William was looking for Virtual Kenpo. It combined in the best possible way the three key elements he was looking for in a platform: community management, easy-to-use user interface, and mobile ability. The price was also a key selling point as he felt they could grow freely without getting charged extra for the new students.
What is really important to me are the community features you offer, it is essential that people can come to talk, share, and engage with each other.
LearnWorlds nice user interface and mobility are also exceptionally critical for us, we need our users to be able to train wherever they are.

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