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Introducing New Templates for LearnWorlds’ Interactive eBook Feature

The Interactive e-book is one of the most powerful features of LearnWorlds.

It’s one of our hidden gems and we receive so many emails from people who suddenly discovered what they can accomplish with the e-Book and end up using it more and more as a fundamental part of their courses.

Indeed, we find that initially it can be a bit underappreciated by new course creators, since most people tend to focus on the most flashy videos and screencasts. After all, an e-book sounds a bit static, like something you read lying on the sofa, right?

Totally wrong! Once an instructor settles down and starts to explore what the LearnWorlds e-Book can do, it really shines with all its power:

And it’s super easy to use as well!

No wonder why a significant percentage of LearnWorlds authors choose to skip the usual linear structure of a course altogether (having to click click through a collection of videos) and instead choose to build their whole courses around our interactive e-Book experience.

This month we decided to reward all the fans of our e-Book with some fresh, Spring-inspired templates. So, without further ado, here is the result: 25 new, beautiful templates for your stunning eBooks.

The New Ebook Templates

And we want to make as many people happy as possible, so we decided to make them available across all plans.

Need help to create your first e-Book? Just check out this article from our Help Center: Adding an E-Book Learning Activity to your course. The new Templates are available right in your eBook authoring, marked with a “New” tag.

Are you a video kind of guy/girl? Then this is for you.

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