Creator Series
Creator Series
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Lead the Change:
AI-Powered Instructional Design for Creator Educators

Join the webinar to master AI-powered strategies in instructional design to craft exceptional learning experiences. Transform your teaching approach and harness AI to create successful courses that set you apart in the market.

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AI is already transforming the way we teach online

Learn how to combine the power of AI and the principles of instructional design to efficiently generate engaging courses that make you stand out from the competition.

Understand your niche

Discover how AI empowers you to master your field and tackle challenges by analyzing complex data and simplifying intricate concepts.

Craft learning activities

Explore how AI can aid in creating diverse educational materials, as well as optimizing and transforming your existing training content.

Develop training materials

Delve into AI frameworks for crafting learning materials. Learn to define expertise, specify your audience, and create tasks.

Build instructional plans

Learn how AI can help you build exceptional learning plans by creatively addressing the unique needs of your learners.

Master AI tools

Discover how AI tools can accelerate your instructional design processes and learn how to create your own custom GPTs.

Learn how to talk to AI

Leverage simple questions, creative prompts, and purpose-built tools to produce highly effective learning content.

Meet our Experts

George and Panos, LearnWorlds' co-founders with PhDs in Educational Technology and 25 years of instructional course design experience, along with top-level educational instructor Eliza, will guide you on how to combine AI and instructional design efficiently to immensely enhance your productivity and innovate your teaching strategy.
George Palaigeorgiou
CPO & Co-Founder
Panos Siozos, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder
Eliza Cani
Learning Designer Expert
Panagiota Christodoulou
Instructional Technologies Expert, LearnWorlds


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