AI & ChatGPT for Professional Trainers

AI & ChatGPT for Professional Trainers

Access our on-demand webinar and unlock the full potential of prompt engineering! Become AI Certified in Professional Training today and learn how to:
Analyze the learning problem
Set learning objectives & goals
Create course outlines
Develop creative content...and more!

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Launi Sheldon
I was really stuck when creating my classes, simply because I did not know what was available. This course has helped so much.
Jennifer Parker
This is SO GOOD. I've been using ChatGPT for my L&D program but these different hacks will be so helpful!
Rachael Perrin
I've been doing all of this inside a course accelerator that wraps this week. I'm so excited to know the route to do this work exists after on another strong platform.
Jessica Marsh
Thank you so much for this. Honestly huge value and takes away so much of the intimidation I 've been battling to create my course.
Will Acron
You guys are dropping DIAMONDS dude!
Jessica Benjamin
I keep saying it but - I'm honestly blown away!
Aldith Gratton
I was on the fence, but this just let me jump the fence!
Ioanna Popan
Amazing content, thanks so much! I'll definitely start a trial asap.

Who is this workshop for?

Who is this workshop for.
Instructional Designers
Learning and Development Specialists
eLearning Developers
Curriculum Developers
Professional Training Specialists
Learning and Development Consultants
Instructional Content Writers and more…

Meet our stellar team

Join our Co-founders Panos and George, along with Learning Design experts to unleash the power of ChatGPT & AI Prompt Engineering for your professional training needs.
Panos Siozos, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder
George Palaigeorgiou
CPO & Co-Founder
Eliza Cani
Learning Designer Expert

Discover how ChatGPT is reshaping the landscape of customer education, employee training and more!