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Panos and George, LearnWorlds' co-founders with PhDs in Educational Technology and 25 years of instructional course design experience, along with Evangelos and Eliza, LearnWorlds' Experts, will share how to harness the power of conversational AI to assist you in crafting your courses.
Panos Siozos, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder
George Palaigeorgiou
CPO & Co-Founder
Evangelos Tsintzas
Product Marketing Manager
Eliza Cani
Learning Designer Expert

Revolutionize your course creation process with AI

Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the potential of conversational AI using prompt engineering to transform your course creation process. Watch now and be part of the revolution!

1: Building a course structure

ChatGPT makes the process seamless, intuitive, and effortless. Say goodbye to the challenge of structuring a course.

2: Instructional design

ChatGPT can help with topic suggestions, provide research material, and generate ideas for course contents.

3: Copy and creative ideas

ChatGPT can offer creative copywriting ideas and suggestions for assets to make your course more engaging.

4: Generate video scripts

ChatGPT can generate an entire video script and provide suggestions on tone, language and visuals.

5: Course assessments and quizzes

ChatGPT can provide questions, give feedback on their difficulty and help you grade the responses.

6: Summaries and overviews

ChatGPT can summarize content, create overviews, and generate intros, conclusions and takeaway sections.