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Master ChatGPT for Course Creation with the Art of Prompting

Inspired by the field of instructional design, this ebook has everything you need to make the content of your online courses more effective, efficient, and engaging than ever before! Learn how to craft compelling prompts, analyze learning problems, set learning objectives, and design engaging content - all by leveraging the power of ChatGPT.

A must-read guide for all course creators

This ebook will help course creators (seasoned and new), educators, trainers and entrepreneurs optimize their entire course creation process, from designing a powerful course structure, to delivering dynamic content.

eBook Contents

This extensive ebook holds invaluable insights from start to finish to ensure you have everything you need to build efficient and engaging content for your online courses with ChatGPT.  Drawing inspiration from instructional design principles, we guide you through the process of identifying your audience's needs, developing instructional materials, and leveraging proven-to-work frameworks to create engaging online courses. With our expertly crafted prompts and LearnWorlds' prompting framework, you'll learn how to communicate effectively with ChatGPT to optimize your course creation process.
  • Section 1:

    How ChatGPT can empower you to maximize the success of your online courses

  • Section 2:

    Prompt engineering

    • How can you communicate with ChatGPT?
    • The prompting framework for course creators by LearnWorlds
  • Section 3:

    Expertly crafted prompts to supercharge your online course creation

    • Prompts to analyze the instructional problem
    • Prompts to set the learning objectives & goals
    • Prompts that use different instructional approaches
    • Prompts to develop creative content
    • Prompts to create unique assessments

The authors

Meet the team of eLearning & Product Experts behind the content:
George Palaigeorgiou

George Palaigeorgiou, PhD

LearnWorlds Co-founder
George is co-founder of LearnWorlds and Assistant Professor in Educational Technology. His research focuses on offering authentic, creative, intensive and embodied learning experiences with state of the art technologies. He has been a pioneer in designing innovative learning techniques since 1999.
Chrysanthi Alexiou

George Veletsianos, PhD

Professor, Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning & Technology
George is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Technology. His research focuses on the design, development, and evaluation of digital learning environments. He has been designing online learning environments for more than 15 years.

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