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Go Global, Speak Local

Go Global, Speak Local

Expand Your Online School by Breaking Language Barriers
Watch the webinar to learn how connecting Weglot with your LearnWorlds school allows to create a truly inclusive and multilingual learning experience for your learners worldwide.

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Say goodbye to language barriers

Harness the combined power of LearnWorlds and Weglot to transform your training programs into dynamic, multilingual learning experiences.

Take your business worldwide

Expand your academy globally, reach a broader audience, and tap into new markets, unlocking new revenue streams.

Foster universal accessibility

Break down language barriers and enable learners worldwide to access your content effortlessly.

Cater to multilingual audiences

Ensure every aspect of your online presence speaks directly to your audience, regardless of their native language.

Enhance learning experience

Connect with international students in their native language, providing learners with a personalized, localized experience.

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Live product demo

Learn how to effortlessly integrate Weglot with LearnWorlds to translate your website content, unlocking access to a global audience.

Examples from successful businesses

Discover real-life success stories of businesses leveraging the combined power of LearnWorlds and Weglot to scale their training initiatives worldwide.

Q&A session

Get all your questions answered by LearnWorlds and Weglot experts.

Meet our speakers

Panos, LearnWorlds' co-founder with PhD in Educational Technology, along with the eLearning expert Eliza and website translation expert Thomas, together with Aaron, a learning and development leader, will showcase how to effortlessly create a multilingual learning environment in your LearnWorlds school with Weglot.
Panos Siozos
CEO & Co-Founder, LearnWorlds
Eliza Cani
Learning Designer Expert, LearnWorlds
Thomas Fanchin
Partnership Manager at Weglot
Aaron Griffiths
Director, Design & Development at Utah SBDC


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