Leveraging AI to Build an Effective Customer Education Program

Discover how AI can transform your customer education program. This eBook will show you the diverse applications of AI in customer education and tips to craft effective prompts using LearnWorlds' 9-step framework for better and faster results.

What is the Role of AI in Customer Education?

Discover 6 key applications of AI in customer education: content creation, assessment design, content optimization, course planning based on Instructional Design models, marketing material development, and data analysis. See examples of effective prompts for each use case.
Leveraging AI to Build an Effective Customer Education Program. Sample pages.

Learn How to Leverage AI for Customer Education & Boost Your KPIs

Our Instructional Design Experts have created an easy-to-follow 9-step framework to help you craft effective prompts to make the most of AI. Build your courses faster - and better.
  • Chapter 1:

    6 Key Applications of Generative AI in Customer Education (+ Prompt Examples)

    • Design Effective Learning Activities
    • Create Efficient & Reliable Learner Assessments
    • Edit & Optimize Content
    • Build a Course Plan Using an Instructional Design Model
    • Develop Marketing Material
    • Perform Data Analysis
  • Chapter 2:

    Do You Speak AI?

    Introducing the 9-Step Prompting Framework by LearnWorlds
  • Chapter 3:

    12 Prompting Hacks & Tips You Didn't Know

    • How can you communicate effectively with ChatGPT?
    • How can you create & optimize the learning content?
  • Chapter 4:

    Top AI Tools You Need

    • Custom GPTs
    • Authoring Tools
    • Graphic Design and Generation Tools
    • Video Creation and Editing Tools
    • Audio Editing Tools
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Transform Your Customer Education Program With The Power of AI