The Best Black Friday Checklist to Sell More Online Courses: Top 11 tips & treats for course creators

Black Friday offers the best opportunity to sell more courses and boost your sales. Get access to all the tips and strategies you need to unlock your business growth potential and generate more revenue.

What's Inside?

Every Black Friday, consumers are waiting for the biggest sale of the year, and for online businesses, this is the best time to act. As a course creator, it provides the perfect opportunity to promote your courses and raise awareness around your school. Come up with a compelling offer, create course bundles, offer discounts and prepare to go big on marketing.
This checklist lists some powerful tips that you can use to position your online courses in the most effective way. You will learn how to set up a marketing strategy, prepare your Black Friday offer, use coupons, use different types of marketing - email, affiliate, FOMO, and many more.

Who is This for?

  • Course creators who are having difficulty marketing their courses.
  • Course creators who want to build a compelling offer for Black Friday.
  • Freelancers, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, or entrepreneurs who want to increase their revenue on Black Friday by selling online courses.
  • Companies of all sizes, large and small, online businesses and enterprises - SMEs, that want to prepare a Black Friday offer and promote their courses or training packages.


A detailed breakdown of what's inside
  • Chapter 1
    Develop a marketing strategy
  • Chapter 2
    Generate demand around your online school
  • Chapter 3
    Go mobile
  • Chapter 4
    Make your offer stand out
  • Chapter 5
    Use scarcity and FOMO marketing
  • Chapter 6
    Big discount for your flagship program
  • Chapter 7
    Create landing pages and designs that advertise the offer
  • Chapter 8
    Harness the power of email marketing
  • Chapter 9
    Work with marketing partners/affiliates
  • Chapter 10
    Cross-promote your courses
  • Chapter 11
    Set up retargeting/remarketing
  • Bonus Tip 1
    Prepare for New Year’s sales
  • Bonus Tip 2
    Incorporate more value into your Black Friday offering

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