Build Your 6-figure Coaching Business Online In LearnWorlds

Learn how you can set up your own branded coaching website and mobile app, how you can add and sell digital products, how to market your website to help you enrich your action plan, and finally, how to measure the performance of your coaching business. An in-depth guide to successfully starting and growing any online coaching business!

What's Inside?

This ebook sheds light on the impressive set of LearnWorlds features you can use to build and grow a successful coaching academy online.
You will learn how to develop a branded coaching website and mobile app, how to add and sell digital products (online courses with 1:1 sessions and/or group sessions, bundles, memberships and subscriptions), how to market your coaching website to enrich your action plan, and how to measure your coaching business' performance.

Who is This for?

  • Coaches who find it challenging to build and scale their coaching business online.
  • Coaches who already have an online coaching business and are searching for an optimal integrated solution to promote and sell their one-to-one, group, or blended coaching sessions online.
  • Professionals who wish to start a coaching business online from scratch and are looking for an effortless and straightforward platform to start and grow their coaching business.


A detailed breakdown of what's inside
  • Chapter 1
    What Types of Coaching Businesses Can You Set Up Through LearnWorlds?
    We begin by identifying the types of coaching business you can build online and presenting some indicative use cases to ignite your inspiration.
  • Chapter 2
    Build Your Signature Coaching Business Online
    This chapter is all about the importance of branding for your online coaching business. We also give you a sneak peek at a few of the amazing industry-specific site templates you can choose from in the LearnWorlds powerful Site Builder, suitable for any coaching business.
  • Chapter 3
    How to Build Your Branded Coaching Website
    We move on with a step-by-step guide that will enable you to build your distinctive branded business coaching website in LearnWorlds, showing you all the amazing options you have to reflect 100% your brand.
  • Chapter 4
    How to Launch Your Branded Mobile App
    In this chapter, you will discover how to develop a fully branded mobile app for your coaching business. How can your own branded mobile app increase the value of your business coaching services, and how it can make your clients’ busy lives a tad easier.
  • Chapter 5
    Build Your Unique Coaching Programs
    This chapter explores your options for creating digital products for your coaching business. You will learn how to build and optimize the most popular types of digital products (online courses, memberships & subscriptions, and eBooks) using LearnWorlds' powerful functionality.
  • Chapter 6
    Scale Your Coaching Business with Powerful Marketing Tools
    Our focus in this chapter is to explore several exciting and straightforward ways to promote and market your coaching business with LearnWorlds. Coupons (individual, bulk, or subscription plan), email marketing, SEO, and affiliate programs; all available to optimize your conversions.
  • Chapter 7
    Make Data-Driven Decisions For Your Business
    Last but certainly not least, we delve into the evaluation and monitoring of your online coaching business. We explore how LearnWorlds’ Reports Center, the powerful tool that allows you to monitor different aspects of your coaching courses, enables you to track your sales & marketing performance.

The authors

The book is brought to you by the LearnWorlds Business Development Team.
Androniki Koumadoraki

Androniki Koumadoraki

Androniki is a Content Writer at LearnWorlds sharing Instructional Design and marketing tips. With solid experience in B2B writing and technical translation, she is passionate about learning and spreading knowledge. She is also an aspiring yogi, a book nerd, and a talented transponster.
Xenia Spanaki

Xenia Spanaki

Xenia is a Learning and Development Specialist at LearnWorlds, contributing to customer training and customer success. With experience in education, she strives to provide engaging learning experiences. She is also a dancing enthusiast and a bookworm.

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