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Content Marketing Manager

1 Position
We are looking for an exceptional Content Marketing Manager to take full responsibility of LearnWorlds inbound marketing strategies including article writing, blog and ebook editing, SEO supervision, and the resulting lead generation.

Social Media Manager

1 Position
We are looking for an exceptional Social Media Manager to lead LearnWorlds’ social media strategy in order to scale our branding and online reputation, and boost visibility and customer engagement.

Digital Marketing Manager

1 Position
We are looking for an exceptional Digital Marketing Manager to develop, implement, track, and optimize digital marketing campaigns across all channels. LearnWorlds is active in SEO, Content, PPC, email, Affiliate, Partnerships, and other growth channels; we are looking for someone that will complement the existing team in their respective channels as well as unlock new ones.

Product Marketing Manager

1 Position
We are looking for an exceptional Product Marketing Manager to lead the presentation of the LearnWorlds e-learning platform to new and existing customers, strengthening our brand and boosting activation and retention.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

2 Positions
We are looking for talented and competitive Full Stack Engineers that have a passion for software development and technology.

Customer Experience Representative

1 Position
The most caring people. Every great business is built on friendship with your customers.

About Us

LearnWorlds is a fast-growing, innovative, e-learning company serving customers in over 60 countries. Founded in mid-2014, we are a UK company with offices in Greece and Cyprus. LearnWorlds is driven by a highly competitive team, that leads by example, with strong background in e-learning, innovation and digital technologies. We design and implement optimal digital learning experiences and help our clients satisfy their students while maximizing their profits.