Build Your Customer Training Program: A Super Handy Checklist For Stress-Free Planning

Learn the 6 actionable tips and steps to create a successful customer training program from the ground up. This checklist goes through the entire process of your customer training efforts, including gathering relevant material, launching your program, and more.

What's Inside?

Providing customer education requires a thought process that will allow you to offer your customers the best training experience. In an attempt to align all your customer training efforts with the rest of your business initiatives, you need to come up with a plan and look into key goals and objectives.
This checklist can help you build a customer training program from start to finish, presenting all the essential information you need to make it happen. Go through the steps offered in this resource and check out the actionable tips that will come in handy.

Who is This For?

  • Business owners who want to start educating their customers.
  • Online entrepreneurs who want to use online courses to complement their customer education efforts and create a unified approach to customer training.
  • Companies of all sizes, SMEs, enterprises, and non profit organizations, that want to build a training program to train their customers, partners, and associates.


A detailed breakdown of what's inside
  • Chapter 1
    Set your program’s goals and objectives
  • Chapter 2
    Define specifics and procedures
  • Chapter 3
    Gather the relevant content
  • Chapter 4
    Prepare the customer training program launch
  • Chapter 5
    Monitor the customer training program’s performance
  • Chapter 6
    Scale your customer training program
  • Bonus
    6 Tips to keep in mind when creating customer education content

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