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LearnWorlds multi-device support & fully responsive!
  • Appearance
  • Learning
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Social
  • Analytics
  • Support


Unprecedented control over the look & feel of your online school.

  • Landing and Sales pages

    Create beautiful landing pages and sales pages that convert using our easy-to-use Pages Builder! Choose from a rich library of ready-made, beautiful responsive templates and styles. No need to maintain a separate website since you can easily build all your informational pages (About us, contact, pricing, etc.) with our Pages Builder.

    LearnWorlds landing pages
  • Branding and Theme editor

    Your school should reflect and promote your own brand. With our Theme Editor you can customize the style, logo and theme of your school to reflect your own brand.

    LearnWorlds branding and theme editor
  • LearnWorlds responsiveness

    Mobile & tablet ready

    Fully responsive beautiful design. Create your courses once and make them instantly available to all tablets and mobile phones! Reach millions of mobile users without the need for additional native apps.

    LearnWorlds multilanguage


    Choose among a growing set of available languages or create your very own translation. Customize the wording of every label to match the vocabulary of your own audience.

    LearnWorlds customized notifications

    Customized notifications

    Use customized welcome and course completion emails. Send targeted emails to your students based on enrollment, completion, coupon redemption, and dozens of other filters.

  • Complete course catalogue

    Offer a complete school experience with the pre-ready course catalogue. Further customize it to match your brand using our Pages Builder.

    LearnWorlds complete course catalogue
  • Advanced CSS & Javascript editing

    You can easily modify any aspect of your courses and pages. Add code snippets to easily integrate with 3rd party marketing and analytics tools.

    LearnWorlds advanced CSS & Javascript editing


Capture attention, increase engagement, improve learning efficiency, guarantee satisfaction.

LearnWorlds interactive video
Interactive video player
Interact and play with the examples!

Lighting-fast navigation inside each video! Add titles, pointers, overlay images, questionnaires, links, persons’ info, examples and more object to your videos! No need for time-consuming post-production.

LearnWorlds interactive ebook
Interactive e-book
Read actively, take notes, participate!

Offer multiple ways of adding annotations and rich navigational affordances. The learner, at any time, may try the examples and self-evaluate her knowledge.

LearnWorlds interactive questionnaire
Online Testing Engine
Quizzes, assignments and certificates!

Create informal and formal quizzes and assignments. Test learners' knowledge, create certifications or present questions inside your video. An integrated workflow for open-ended assignments.

  • Drip content

    Create Drip courses that will keep your customers engaged and wanting more. Schedule the gradual release of your courses and increase retention with automated email reminders.

    LearnWorlds drip content
  • Course builder

    Superfast and effortless course editing and content import with our intuitive drag and drop course builder.

    LearnWorlds course builder
  • LearnWorlds upload video

    Upload video

    Free unlimited video hosting for your courses. Do you already host your videos elsewhere on the cloud? LearnWorlds works with all video providers.

    LearnWorlds downloads


    Offer downloadable attachments for every learning unit you want.

    LearnWorlds question bank

    Question Bank

    Store hundreds of questions in your question banks and create secure, randomized tests for continuing education (CE) and certification programs.

  • Note taking & highlighting

    Let your students highlight and take notes when reading. Active reading equals efficient learning and more engagement.

    LearnWorlds note taking and highlighting
  • Multiple Learning Units

    PDFs, text, audio, embedded google forms, concept maps, sliders, external web pages and all sorts of embeddable content from around the web.

    LearnWorlds multiple learning units
  • Certifications

    Design and award your own personalized Digital Certificates! Digital Certificates will bare your brand/logo as well as date, course name, CPE credits, etc. Award certificates based on successful course completion or minimum passing grade. Your students can now share their certificates in their LinkedIn profiles, making your school known to their connections.

    LearnWorlds certifications
  • Multiple instructors

    Upgrade your school to a marketplace: bring other trainers to sell courses through your school and share the revenue. Our analytics and reports help you calculate revenue-share and pay out your associates.

    LearnWorlds multiple instructors
  • LearnWorlds magic authoring

    Magic Authoring

    Wherever you are on your school just press the magic wand and start making changes. Effortless editing reduces your productivity costs. Easy to use content creation tools with impressive learning results.

    LearnWorlds student progress

    Student Progress

    Monitor your students’ progress and course completion. Identify opportunities for course improvements and spot students who need extra support and encouragement.

    LearnWorlds resume learning

    Resume learning

    Students like to continue their learning from where they last left off, for example when switching from their laptop to their mobile phone..


Enhance your school with the best 3rd party marketing and affiliate tools and increase your sales!

  • LearnWorlds custom domain

    Your own custom domain

    Publish your school in your own domain name/URL for promoting your brand. A free subdomain is always available if you are just starting out.

    LearnWorlds full white Label

    Full White Label

    Remove the LearnWorlds brand from your site. This is your own Learning Center now!

    LearnWorlds custom native mobile apps for iOS, Android and you

    Custom native mobile apps

    Let us create your own native app (iOS and Android) for your school and get your courses in front of millions of potential customers in Google Play and Apple App Store.

  • Coupons & Promotions

    Create coupon codes and share them across your marketing channels to increase your sales. Offer discounts by % or $ amount. Create urgency and scarcity by setting expiry dates and redemption limits. You can even use coupons for offline promotions and campaigns.

    LearnWorlds coupons and promotions
  • LearnWorlds unlimited courses & learners

    Unlimited Courses

    No limits to the number of courses you can create or to the number of students you can enroll!

    LearnWorlds free courses

    Free courses

    Offer free courses for capturing leads and get traction for your school.

    LearnWorlds private courses

    Private courses

    Create invitation-only private courses (hidden from public view) and share them with select customers and groups.

  • Free chapters

    Offer small parts of your courses for free, as teasers, to attract potential customers. Let them taste the added value of your offering and then buy.

    LearnWorlds free chapters
  • LearnWorlds conversion pixels

    Conversion Pixels Support

    Add conversion pixels to track and improve your conversions. Add tracking pixels to create custom audiences and launch remarketing/retargeting campaigns (Facebook ads, Google AdWords, etc)

    LearnWorlds analytics


    Detailed analytics for optimizing your sales funnel! Use the power of Google Analytics and Mixpanel to discover who are your students, where they come from and study their traces.

    LearnWorlds search engine optimization

    Built-in SEO

    SEO-friendly URLs, meta tags and keywords, as well as clean HTML code, that improve your SEO status and make your courses highly discoverable by search engines.

  • Marketing integrations

    Connect your LearnWorlds school with the best marketing and affiliate tools and increase your sales! Zapier, ReferralCandy, MailChimp, Google AdWords, Facebook pixel, Sumo,, Hubspot, FOMO, MixPanel, Ambassador, Norton™ Shopping Guarantee, ZenDesk, and a lot more. See all available integrations.

    LearnWorlds marketing integrations
  • Built-in Affiliate Management

    A complete affiliate and commission tracking solution for your online school. Attract and manage an army of affiliates, track clicks, leads and sales. Set custom commission rates to reward high-performing partners. Get access to meaningful data about your affiliate program.

    LearnWorlds Built-in Affiliate Management


Powerful sales engine, designed from scratch to go hand-by-hand with the learning part.

  • Launch your site in minutes

    Out-of-the-box e-commerce enabled. Create your courses, upload your video and start selling in a matter of minutes.

    LearnWorlds launch your site in minutes
  • Subscriptions

    Unleash the power of recurring revenue with Subscriptions. Offer subscription packages for your courses (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and earn more revenue for longer.

    LearnWorlds subscription plans
  • LearnWorlds currencies

    Multiple currencies

    You can sell your courses in the currency you prefer. ($, €, £, A$, £, R$, CA$, DKK, €, NZ$, SEK, ILS, NOK)

    LearnWorlds pre-built disclaimers

    Pre-built Disclaimers

    Our Pages Builder includes template documents for Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which you can use as a starting point for your school.

    LearnWorlds leads

    Capture Leads

    Use our ready-made, responsive form templates in your pages to capture valuable new leads and convert them into paying customers.

  • 4 payment gateways!

    LearnWorlds supports four payment gateways, more than any competing platform. Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, as well as Shopify! All payments are directly transferred to your bank account, giving you instant access to your funds!

    LearnWorlds 5 payment gateways
  • Course bundles

    Create powerful upsell offers by offering bundles of relevant courses at discounted prices.

    LearnWorlds course bundles


Enable your learners to connect with each other and develop strong professional bonds.

LearnWorlds Daily news
Daily news

A daily newspaper with articles and tweets from your chosen sources. Introduce your learners to new trends, tools, practices. Be the starting point of their day!

LearnWorlds Best Resources
Best Resources

Personal notes and an organized library of supportive links. Your learners can quickly find the best solutions to their problems, efficiently and effectively.

LearnWorlds Gamification

Take advantage of the addictive power of Gamification. Design your own system of rewards to motivate your learners to stay more, achieve more, buy more.


The power of analytics to help you optimize your sales process.

  • Dashboard

    The LearnWorlds Dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of your school, allowing you to be instantly on top of your sales, registrations, and student activity. See in real time who is logged in and engage with your students!

    LearnWorlds dashboard
  • Events log

    Identify login information, failed buying attempts, who visited which course and a lot more. Keep track of all the important events that take place in your school and offer better support to your learners.

    LearnWorlds events log
  • Export data for your users/sales

    You remain in control of your data. Export user lists and discover who has purchased what and who could use a nudge or two to convert. Export your sales records to apply more sophisticated analysis.

    LearnWorlds data export


A stellar support team. State-of-the art technology. Bespoke services for high-volume schools.

  • LearnWorlds onboarding package

    Concierge onboarding

    Personalized onboarding support with one of our experts. Get assistance with importing your courses, setup and branding, custom design, and training.

    LearnWorlds 24/7 e-mail customer support

    24/7 customer support

    E-mail support and guidance from our experts. Get quick solutions to all your problems. Our stellar support team is constantly praised by all our customers.

    LearnWorlds knowledge base

    Knowledge base

    All the help you need at your fingertips: Find video tutorials, guides, and answers to all of your questions.

  • User imports & enrollments

    Quickly import new members to your school by uploading an Excel file with names and emails. Manually enroll/remove and manage students.

    LearnWorlds user imports & enrollments
  • Custom design services

    Our in-house designers and web developers can help you achieve just about any result

    LearnWorlds design service
  • LearnWorlds API

    LearnWorlds API

    Take advantage of our powerful Restful API and customize LearnWorlds to fit your needs or connect it with your enterprise software.

    LearnWorlds single sign-on

    Single Sign-On (SSO)

    With SSO your students don't need to have a separate user account for accessing your online school. You can use your organization's existing login system, for your employees and your customers.

    LearnWorlds full scalability

    Performance & Security

    LearnWorlds becomes faster each and every day. You can rest assured sure that your school will always run smoothly and securely even under extreme traffic and conditions.

  • Custom content services

    Do you have many courses to upload and simply cannot find the time for it? Our specialists can help you take care of all this.

    LearnWorlds content service
  • LearnWorlds ssl certificate

    Free SSL certificate

    Protect your customers' data with a free 2048 bit SSL certificate which is included with your Pro, Learning Center or Corporate subscription.

    LearnWorlds 24/7 monitoring

    24/7 Monitoring

    Rest easy. We make sure your site is available and working optimally for you and your students.

    LearnWorlds data privacy

    The data are yours

    You own all the content you uploaded to your school or is contributed by your students. This is really your school.

All the help you need

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