Elearning For Nonprofits: 8 Key Tips To Choosing The Right Learning Management System

We have encapsulated our know-how into a set of expert tips to provide you with a solid understanding of an LMS and the key features you need to take into account to make the right decision for your nonprofit organization.

What's Inside?

With the wide range of learning management systems on the market, it can be hard to narrow down your search to the one that fits your nonprofit's specific needs. While most LMSs will help your nonprofit expand its reach, the ones that are designed for nonprofit organizations are going to be a smarter choice for your organization.
In this checklist, you will find a set of practical tips that you can take into consideration when choosing the learning management system to spread your nonprofit's mission or to use it as an additional source of revenue to fund your cause.

Who Is This For?

  • Nonprofit organizations who want to leverage the power of a learning management system to spread their cause.
  • Nonprofit organizations who want to use online courses to complement their revenue and want to engage more learners to consume more of their content.
  • Nonprofit organizations who educate their volunteers, internal and external stakeholders and are interested in using a learning management system to take their training online.

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A detailed breakdown of what's inside
  1. Chapter 1

    Define your eLearning needs & audience

  2. Chapter 2

    Identify your preferred learning type

  3. Chapter 3

    Integrate your content

  4. Chapter 4

    Optimize your content

  5. Chapter 5

    Leverage the power of mobile learning

  6. Chapter 6

    Plan according to your budget

  7. Chapter 7

    Configure tech & branding specifics

  8. Chapter 8

    Look out for that helping hand... Customer Support!

  9. Chapter 9

    Bonus section: Donation-increasing ideas

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