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8 Crucial Features Your Nonprofit LMS Needs - Checklist

We have used our expertise to break down everything you need to know about building online courses for your nonprofit. Learn all the tips and tricks to consider when evaluating the best course of action and how to make the right choice for your organisation.

Checklist Contents

When choosing an LMS for your nonprofit, look for features that enable you to create, manage, and deliver effective techniques to maximize your mission's impact, and consider incorporating donation-increasing ideas.
  • Section 1

    Define your eLearning needs & audience

  • Section 2

    Identify your preferred learning type

  • Section 3

    Integrate your content

  • Section 4

    Optimize your content

  • Section 5

    Plan according to your budget

  • Section 6

    Leverage the power of mobile learning

  • Section 7

    Configure tech & branding specifics

  • Section 8

    Look out for that helping hand

  • Bonus content

    Donation-increasing ideas

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