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Unwrapping New Exciting Features for Your Online Business to Thrive

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They say innovation comes in waves, but at LearnWorlds, it comes with a bang! We’re taking our platform to the stars, welcome aboard 🚀

Do you remember that feeling you had as a kid when you stood in front of an ice cream display? All these flavors lying there waiting for you to indulge in? Now, think. How many of these flavors were you allowed to actually taste? One, two, perhaps three tops, on the same day, right? Bummer!

Well, we’ve got some great news! Now you have the chance to relive that feeling AND get a taste of ALL flavors.

And this time, it’s something bigger than ice cream; it’s your online business we’re talking about! We recently unwrapped a full set of groundbreaking features that will help you build an online academy out of this world 🚀

Here’s the list of the brand-new features we presented during the online event. We’ve grouped them into four categories, or shall we say “Success Sets,” as follows:

Your Time Well Spent

Watch the recording of the event and get the inside scoop on how we developed these incredible features for your online academy.
You’ll get an inside look at what went into each feature and learn about any improvements or refinements that could make your academy even better.

Not only will you see what’s coming up next in LearnWorlds, but you also get the chance to meet some of our team members who brought together all their brilliance and created this amazing collection of powerful functionality!

In unity there is strength. Panos Siozos, LearnWorlds CEO and co-founder, and George Palaigeorgiou, LearnWorlds CPO and co-founder, along with our team of LearnWorlds’ Product Managers who made all of this possible, are your hosts for this exciting unwrapping of features.

Going Above and Beyond

This is a fact! We are talking about way more than an explosive collection of LearnWorlds features. This is a whole new way of empowering your business.

Moving your online academy one step forward with:

Watch the recording of the event and discover all the fantastic capabilities of the online academies built with LearnWorlds!

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