Personalization Redefined: 17 E-learning Scenarios to Drive Your Learners Success

Your learners crave a unique educational experience tailored just for them, and guess what? It's easier than you think. Discover the path to delivering automated personalized learning at scale, transforming your learners' experiences and skyrocketing your business results.

Discover 17 eLearning Scenarios to Turbocharge Personalization Across All Levels

Get equipped with the tools, framework, and invaluable insights to seamlessly provide automated mass personalization to the few, hundreds, or even thousands of learners in your academy.
Ebook 17 E-learning Scenarios to Drive Your Learners Success. Sample pages. Ebook 17 E-learning Scenarios to Drive Your Learners Success. Sample pages.

Take Advantage of Fully Mapped Out Pathways to Success

In this guide, we explore the 4 pillars of personalization and 17 expertly crafted elearning scenarios in which you can target them.
  • The Personalization Building Blocks

    Understand how to utilize the essential LearnWorlds features that underpin the methods explored in this guide.
  • Layer 1: Build tailored site navigational paths

    Navigate your learners on the perfect journey, from customizing after-login pages, to adapting your course page to reflect your learners' lifecycle and show different zones to leads and customers.
  • Layer 2: Educate with custom learning paths

    Empower learners with personalized learning routes, from creating a unique learning path for every employee based on their department, to offering tailored feedback to students based on positive or negative exam results.
  • Layer 3: Share learning content catered to individual learner needs

    Deliver content that speaks to each learner's heart, from adapting learning content to your learners’ specific interests, to addressing knowledge gaps.
  • Layer 4: Adapt your message to every learner

    Connect with learners on a personal level, from welcoming new users upon enrollment with a course-specific email, to motivating learners with personalized push notifications.

Make Personalization at Scale Easy!

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