Analytics, Insights and Reports:

The Fuel to your School’s Jetpack
With LearnWorlds Reports Center, you have access to advanced data visualization, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.
Decision-making made easy

Can you afford to ignore what your learners do in your own school?

LearnWorlds Reports Center provides you with in-depth intelligence on your school. Having a clear picture of how your clients interact with your school is quintessential to your success.
To grow your business, you need to know how your learners interact with your courses. Optimize your business with data-driven decision making.
What you can do with learnworlds

With Reports Center you can do things you could never imagine before

Identify patterns of content consumptions

User-friendly and self-service access to course design and performance insights.
Discover the most engaging for your audience, and what can be improved.

Optimize your e-learning content

Access the data you need to increase adoption rates.
Improve the performance of your content efficiently.

Showcase your performance to your stakeholders and your audience

Training organisations can showcase past performance in tenders and client proposals.
L&D and HR professionals can add data to presentations for the Boards of Directors and annual investors report.
Course Creators can highlight their successful performance on their site and brochures.

The complete solution to identify your school’s trends and optimize your offering.

We built the LearnWorlds Reports Center for you, your learners and your stakeholders:

User Segments

Group your learners based on enrollments, activity, company, teams, or other common characteristics to monitor a specific group of learners.

Advanced User Progress

Monitor your learners' progress with detailed analytics on each course, exam and assignment, combine search queries.

Course Insights

Delve into your learners’ content consumption data with this incredibly powerful e-Learning data analysis and visualization tool.

Automated Reports

Keep your most important stakeholders up to date. You can set up the reports you want and then forget about them: your reports will be automatically extracted and emailed.

Streamline your organization's reporting with ease

We empower you to unlock endless possibilities for your business with the most extended & powerful elearning API to combine your school's data with your system's database to create custom reports and deliver valuable insights.
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