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Online School Site Builder

No coding or design skills necessary — simply point and click through hundreds of ready-made, fully customizable templates and build your awesome online school.
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A Universe of Templates and Widgets to Cover any Requirement

An unbelievable pool of designs best-tailored for course creators.
Templates, design blocks, themes

A Wide Variety of Layouts to Choose from, Mix and Match

Hero templates

Highly converting sections with concise message and clear calls to action.


An amazing selection of affecting offers templates.

Testimonials and Quotes

Add elements that showcase the quality and success of your products.

Course Products

Beautiful sections for real COURSE CREATORS.


Draw customers into headlines, create a lasting impression.
Fonts, Layouts, Buttons & Graphics

Beautiful Elements and Widgets that Blend into your Brand


Easily add high-quality animations to your site.


Highlight your video and images inside modern devices.


Connect your users with your social accounts effortlessly.

Calendars & Countdown timers

Use these widgets to showcase your school’s events to engage with your students and visitors.
Interactivity, Customisation and Connectivity

Engage with your Users and Increase Conversion


Create typography designs that are simple and impactful.

Buttons & Email Forms

Innumerable possibilities for buttons and input designs.


Layouts with neatness and conciseness for excellent readability.


Commanding media image/video matrix designs with popups and sliders.


Increase your content sales, build email lists, and engage with your visitors.

Completely transform your website design with a few clicks

A superfast design explorer with live preview that will amaze you. Play with colors, fonts, layouts and buttons and preview changes instantly!
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Create not one, but multiple Versions of your school with Site Flavors

Superfast and effortless versioning for your school site. Create an alternative flavor of your school site with just a few mouse clicks.
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What you can achieve with flavors:
Promote easily special days and events
Redesign your school without compromises
Experiment with your site design
Backup and organize your designs

Adaptive Content and Appearance for different segments and devices

Embrace adaptive design by creating sections and widgets that will appear only to specific user segments or devices.
Show elements based on:

Login status

Whether users are logged in or not.

Course status

Whether users are enrolled in courses or not.

Assigned tags

Whether users are tagged with specific keywords.

Device type

Whether users are using smartphones or other devices.

The Ultimate,
All-in-One Solution for Online Schools

Replace an ocean of tools with a single service, tailor-made Site Builder for elearning websites.

Build high-converting pages

Delight your students with awesome designs that increase conversions. Total design freedom with no need for technical skills. Get an amazing elearning website in minutes.

Set up SEO-optimized pages with ease

Create pages that are easy for search engines to crawl and understand. Set and manage your school metadata. You have to make sure that users can find your site.

Promote and grow your brand

Your online school reflects your own brand. Everything is customizable so as to match your own brand identity.

Flawless on every single device

Fully responsive design for all devices. Reach millions of mobile users without the need for additional native apps. Train anytime, anywhere.

Focus on fast loading times and UX

Make a strong first impression. Loading speed equals user experience, and user experience equals business value. We care about speed because it affects sales and conversions.

Multilingual UI and localization

Choose among a growing set of available languages or create your very own translation of your school's UI. Customize the wording of every label to match the vocabulary of your own audience.