Student Engagement: 10 Ways To Keep Learners Excited, Engaged And Happy

With this guide, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive checklist that will act as a roadmap to improve adult learners' motivation and engagement, so that they will consume more of your content, achieve results and become loyal fans.

What's Inside?

A handy collection of student engagement tips to create and deliver engaging online training that captures the attention of your audience and entices them to consume your content.
Here’s a sneak peek to how you can create a better learning experience for your students: use different content formats (download the guide to see the type of content formats we suggest), build a sense of community, incorporate interactivity elements, optimize the experience for mobile devices, apply microlearning to get quick wins, and… much more tips and tricks available for you in this handy guide.

Who is This for?

  • Course creators who have difficulty engaging their learners to consume more content
  • Blog authors, YouTubers, podcasters, social media professionals or entrepreneurs who use online courses to complement their income and want to engage more learners to consume more of their content.
  • Large and small businesses, as well as non-profit organizations who rely on online training to educate their employees, associates, and customers, and are interested in engaging their learners.


A detailed breakdown of what's inside
  • Chapter 1
    Use different content formats
  • Chapter 2
    Build a sense of community
  • Chapter 3
    Incorporate interactivity elements
  • Chapter 4
    Provide direct access to you, the instructor
  • Chapter 5
    Gamification: Play and fun
  • Chapter 6
    Assign solo and group projects
  • Chapter 7
    Fall in love with your visual and audio content
  • Chapter 8
    Optimize the experience for mobile devices
  • Chapter 9
    Implement automations to increase engagement
  • Chapter 10
    Analyze user engagement and fix bottlenecks
  • Chapter 11
    Bonus tip: Microlearning and quick wins

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