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Boost Your Learners’ Engagement with Mobile App Builder

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300%! This is the approximate increase in user engagement and conversion rates that mobile apps bring on the table compared to an efficiently optimized website. When it comes to user engagement and conversion, mobile apps beat even an efficiently optimized website with an increase in conversion rates of almost 300%. And it makes perfect sense since mobile learning is accessible any time and any place.

If you run an online school, a corporate training academy, or a community website, you already know the difficulties of keeping your audience engaged as time goes on. And you most probably already know that keeping your members engaged ensures your business long-term health and vitality.

Imagine what you could do if you had a powerful communication channel to interact with your learners via your own, native mobile learning app? Well, everything you can imagine is real, and it is called push notifications!

Unleash the power of
Push Notifications

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Soon you can deliver highly targeted notifications to your audience at every step of the user journey instantly, at the right moment, with the right message, through LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder.

Let’s explore how push notifications can help you supercharge your online learning business.

🔔 First things first, what is a push notification?

Have you received a push notification from an app today?

Maybe you’ve received a Messenger flash notification, or perhaps one from Instagram letting you know that Alex has posted a new story after a long time?

Push notifications are instant messages that pop up on a user’s mobile device (if the user enabled the option) via a mobile app. They offer a quick and easy way to prompt your students to engage with your brand and remain on top of their minds. LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder is enriched with a robust push notification feature that enables you to cut through the noise and empower your users’ engagement!

Push notifications on the mobile app of LearnWorlds

🎯 How to inspire learning with push notifications?

Whether it’s onboarding, a flash sales promo, or refresher training, learners can benefit from a wide range of push notification benefits. Drive your learners back to your app and encourage them to get into action by using push notifications effectively for key events like:

Who doesn’t need a little extra boost from time to time? Push notifications are ideal for mobile learning as they can be used as a personal trainer or an effective alarm for your students to keep on track and make the most of their learning. Regardless of your learning style, conventional, microlearning or blended learning, you want your learners to be present. Push notifications is the solution you were looking for to keep your learners engaged on the go!

As an admin, you can configure push notifications to target different learners, teams, divisions and personalize your messaging approach for each audience. Your content must shout out boldly to captivate the attention. Send insanely effective push notifications and strike at the heart of engagement with LearnWorlds powerful Mobile App Builder!

Start crafting engaging mobile learning experiences for your students with Mobile App Builder.

Unleash the power of
Push Notifications

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✨How to create value with push notifications

The key to successful push notification campaigns is to focus on your users’ experiences and learn to add value at every step along the way.

Once you understand how your learners interact with your business in their daily routines, you can identify the moments of need, when a push notification will provide value to them. For corporate training, an ideal moment may be during the employee’s lunch break. For professional trainers, a perfect moment may be during the evening when their audience is off from work and have more free personal time. And for coaches, a suitable time may be early in the morning, after a meditation session, when their customers set the goals for another successful day ahead.

Add some splash of creativity into communicating with your users to make your message stand out. Try differentiating your messaging by harnessing the push notifications’ timeliness and attention-grabbing format.

When scheduling and sending push notifications, you should keep your customers’ journey in mind. For example, if some of your learners abandoned the courses they are enrolled in, you have to motivate them. Share with them the reason why it is important to use your app anytime and anywhere. Explain to them why your school is awesome and why they should keep learning.

Push notification marketing is here to stay, and you don’t want to risk missing out. By ensuring that all communications remain personalized, arrive at a suitable time and aren’t intrusive, your school gets the right amount of screen time.

💍 Strike at the heart of engagement!

Brands struggle for clients’ attention every second. Push notifications are an invaluable tool to equip your online school’s marketing toolbox. With LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder, you are able to engage with your customers on the go.

Stay tuned, and more mobile app exciting things are coming!

Unleash the power of
Push Notifications

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