The Ultimate Guide To Selling & Marketing Online Courses (Vol. 2)

Everything you need to know to having a profitable online course. In this guide, you will learn how to prepare your courses to be sales-ready, publishing and finding your first customers.

What's Inside?

If you want to grow your school, you will need to learn how to sell like a pro. Becoming an expert in time management, showing dedication and spending your energy in the right things can help you invest in the best marketing approach that works well with your personal brand.

So if it is your ultimate goal to become a top online trainer in your field or create an awesome community with your online academy, you will need to learn all the methods and tricks that allow you to boost your online course and drive you towards success!

Going deeper into the digital marketing territory, this ebook is addressed to all instructors who are eager to delve into more complicated and effective marketing strategies.

Who is This For?

  • Professional trainers or training business who find it increasingly difficult to grow their reach with in-classroom training.
  • Blog authors, youtubers, podcasters, social media or professional celebrities are using online courses to complement their income.
  • Small and medium-sized business, large corporates, even non-profits turn to online courses in order to cheaply and more effectively train their employees, associates, and customers.

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A detailed breakdown of what's inside
  1. Chapter 1

    Email Marketing (Newsletters, email lists and more)

    In the first chapter of the ebook we discuss how you can use email marketing to grow your audience. We show you how to build and develop your email list and how to use that list. In this chapter you will also discover effective email marketing sales strategies.
  2. Chapter 2

    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media have significant power in online marketing. This chapter includes all strategists you can use in Facebook TWITTER, LINKEDIN, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus Profile to effectively market your courses.
  3. Chapter 3

    Paid Advertising

    Whatever does not cost money costs time and at some point you will need to consider paid advertising. Paid ads are however direct, effective and can reach out to the people you need. In this chapter you will learn the paid advertising advantages and specific strategies like Facebook ads.
  4. Chapter 4

    Content Marketing

    Launching and promoting content sound a bit tiring but doing so will grant you with a wider pool of audience along with an enhanced credibility on your services. Learn the best content marketing techniques like guest blogging, publishing an e-bookPodcasting, creating webinars. Also find out how to run a webinar successfully.
  5. Chapter 5

    Other Tools/Methods

    Affiliate marketing is a strategy that carries little risk and can have high rewards if it succeeds. Also offline networking is as important as online networking. In the last chapter, we talk about affiliate marketing and planning events-two significant marketing strategies.

The authors

The book is brought to you by the LearnWorlds Business Development Team.
Panos Siozos

Panos Siozos, PhD

Panos Siozos is the CEO and Co-Founder of LearnWorlds. He holds a PhD in Educational Technology and has worked extensively as a computer science educator, software engineer, IT manager and researcher in many EU funded research projects.
Nick Malekos

Nick Malekos

Nick Malekos is the head Growth Marketer of LearnWorlds. He is a results based and well-rounded Digital Marketer with years of experience in the education industry that doubles as a youth trainer and volunteers’ coordinator in his free time.
Joey Tsouvalas

Joey Tsouvalas

Joey Tsouvalas is a Customer Support Specialist for the LearnWorlds team. He has a Bachelor’s in English Language Teaching from the University of Greenwich and loves to communicate with people of various cultural backgrounds.