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Introducing accessiBe Integration: A Key To Inclusive eLearning

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Excited to enhance the educational experience for all learners? We’re proud to introduce our latest product update: native integration with accessiBe. This crucial component will ensure eLearning accessibility for everyone, making education inclusive and barrier-free.

By enabling businesses of all sizes to participate in global efforts towards online inclusion, we are committed to leaving no learner behind.

Why Website Accessibility Matters

Accessibility is more than a compliance checkbox; it’s a commitment to inclusivity. Making your eLearning platform barrier-free ensures that all learners, including those with disabilities, have equal opportunities to engage with your content.

This not only broadens your audience but also enhances the learning experience, fostering a more diverse and inclusive educational environment.

What is accessiBe?

accessiBe is a leading AI-powered web solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities in compliance with international standards such as WCAG 2.1, ADA, and Section 508. With accessiBe, you can easily implement accessibility features without extensive coding or technical expertise, ensuring your content is available to all learners.

Enhanced User Experience
accessiBe ensures that your website & course content is navigable and usable for learners with various disabilities, including visual, auditory, and cognitive impairments.

Compliance Made Easy
accessiBe’s AI-driven tools automatically adjust and optimize your website to meet global accessibility standards, reducing the risk of legal issues and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Broadening Your Reach
By making your courses accessible, you open the doors to a wider audience, including the 1 billion people worldwide living with disabilities.

Boosting SEO and Engagement
Accessible websites often rank higher in search engine results and provide a better overall user experience, leading to increased engagement and higher course completion rates.

“We are thrilled to partner with Learnworlds, a leader in the e-learning space. At accessiBe, our mission is to make the Internet accessible and inclusive for everyone. Equal access to online knowledge is essential for people with and without disabilities, empowering everyone to achieve personal growth and reach their full potential.”

Dekel Skoop, CEO at accessiBe

Making Your School Accessible with a Smooth Integration

By integrating with accessiBe, you can add a widget to the bottom right corner of your school’s website and course player. This widget allows learners to make accessibility adjustments tailored to their needs.

Users can select from various accessibility profiles, such as Seizure Safe Profile, ADHD Safe Profile, and Blind Users Profile. Additionally, learners can manually customize their experience by adjusting settings like contrast, cursor size, font size, and more.

Transform Your School into an Inclusive, Accessible, and Compliant Learning Environment

Making online courses accessible to all

With accessiBe, you can ensure that interactive elements like videos, and reading materials of your online courses are available to all users.

This means learners with visual impairments can use screen readers to navigate your course, while those with hearing impairments can access transcripts and captions.

Enhancing navigation and engagement

Are you a learning designer focusing on creating a seamless learning journey? accessiBe helps you implement features like keyboard navigation and color contrast adjustments, ensuring that all learners, regardless of their abilities, can easily navigate and engage with your content.

Attracting a diverse audience with inclusive learning

When promoting your online school, accessibility becomes a unique selling point. Highlighting your commitment to inclusivity can attract a more diverse audience and position your brand as a leader in barrier-free education.

Effortlessly meeting accessibility standards

If you’re working with educational institutions, compliance with accessibility standards is often mandatory. accessiBe simplifies this process, allowing you to meet institutional requirements effortlessly and maintain your professional reputation.

Fostering inclusivity in community learning

For those running community-based educational programs, accessibility is crucial for serving diverse populations. accessiBe ensures that community members with disabilities can fully participate in and benefit from your programs, fostering a more inclusive community.

Ensuring all stakeholders benefit from your training

When you create educational content for your customers and partners, accessibility is key to ensuring all learners can benefit from your training program.

For instance, a software company offering tutorials and how-to guides can use accessiBe to make sure their materials are accessible to customers and partners with disabilities.

This enhances user satisfaction and ensures your customers & partners can use your products effectively.

Providing an inclusive onboarding experience

Onboarding new employees is a critical process that sets the tone for their experience with your company. accessiBe can help make your onboarding materials, such as training modules and company handbooks, convenient for employees with disabilities.

This ensures that all new hires, including those with visual or auditory impairments, receive the same high-quality onboarding experience.

Inclusive Education is Not Just a Trend – It’s a Necessity

The integration of accessiBe with LearnWorlds marks a significant step towards inclusivity in eLearning. By harnessing accessiBe’s cutting-edge accessibility tools, eLearning specialists can create engaging, compliant, and accessible courses that cater to the diverse needs of all learners.

Embrace this update and make a meaningful impact by ensuring your content is accessible to everyone.

Let’s commit to creating learning environments where every individual, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and succeed.

🔗 For more information on getting started with accessiBe, visit our support article.

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