AI and the Art of Instructional Design: Exploring the 5 Layers of Expertise

Learn how to create compelling content combining the powers of AI and Instructional Design. This ebook outlines and demonstrates with practical examples the five distinct layers of AI expertise that can level up your instructional design game.

Harness the Power of AI

Become proficient in talking with AI to create exceptional learning material.
Ebook AI and the Art of Instructional Design: Exploring the 5 Layers of Expertise. Sample pages.

Upgrade Your Instructional Design Capabilities

In this guide, we uncover the winning ways to attract more students, generate leads, and make more money!
  • Layer 1:

    Understand the Domain

    Use AI to
    • Become an expert problem solver
    • Create domain-specific exercises
    • Conduct data analysis
    • Break down complex problems
  • Layer 2:

    Produce Learning Activities

    Use AI to
    • Produce a rich variety of educational artifacts
    • From scripts & questions to glossaries & stories
    • Transform your or third-party training content
    • Optimize, organize & structure your output
  • Layer 3:

    Build Multifaceted Learning Material

    • Become more efficient in generating educational artifacts
    • Get better results with well-engineered prompts
    • Learn to use LearnWorlds’ prompting framework
  • Layer 4:

    Build Exceptional Instructional Plans

    Use AI to
    • Better understand your learners
    • Prepare for SME interviews
    • Build theory-inspired instructional plans
    • Think outside the box
  • Layer 5:

    Get to know the Tools

    • Custom GPTs
    • GPT plugins
    • AI-powered instructional design tools

The authors

George Palaigeorgiou

George Palaigeorgiou, PhD

LearnWorlds Co-founder
George is a co-founder of LearnWorlds and an Assistant Professor in Educational Technology. His research focuses on offering authentic and creative learning experiences with state-of-the-art technologies. He has been a pioneer in designing innovative learning techniques since 1999.
Panagiota Christodoulou

Panagiota Christodoulou, PhD candidate

Instructional Technologies Specialist, LearnWorlds
Panagiota's expertise centers on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with LearnWorlds' products. Currently a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Developmental Psychology, her research emphasizes the fusion of instructional technologies within learning and instruction.

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