LearnWorlds AI Assistant

Redefine Course Creation with AI-Enhanced Quality Output

From course creation to exam evaluation, leverage LearnWorlds and AI technology to break efficiency records.
You provide the expertise – AI empowers the outcome.
LearnWorlds AI Assistant

Course Planner

Watch AI generate your course outline
Provide a topic, choose your preferred learning model and activities, and be thrilled by the depth of the output.
Focus on perfecting your offering
Let the AI Course Planner create comprehensive outlines, engaging activities, and well-structured sections effortlessly.
Enhance existing content
Breathe new life into your old content by letting AI repackage and enhance your courses, taking a break from constant creation.
LearnWorlds AI Assistant

Assessment Designer

Create AI-driven contextual exams
Import your existing learning content and turn it into quizzes, exams or certification assessments with our AI assistant.
Smart testing made effortless
Accelerate your evaluation process with AI-generated comprehensive assessments by choosing the topic, type and number of question formats.
LearnWorlds AI Assistant

Content Editor

Break writer’s block to streamline brainstorming
Turn your raw ideas into beautifully formatted eBooks automatically without having to know what to write about.
Say goodbye to misspelling
Refine your email content with our AI Content Editor to ensure your messages are clear, concise, and compelling.
LearnWorlds AI Assistant

Email Creator

Compelling communications with AI Assistant
AI writes and tweaks your emails automatically: it shortens, expands, summarizes, and changes the lengths and the tone with its touch of finesse.
LearnWorlds AI Assistant

Ebook Writer

Generate captivating eBooks with AI speed
Choose your preferred instructional method, and select the type of content and the tone of voice that matches your message.
Encourage quality and consistency
Specify the style and tone to ensure accuracy throughout your content and let your AI advisor enhance its quality.
LearnWorlds AI Assistant

Feedback Generator

Evaluate responses with consistency and precision
AI Assistant helps you deliver detailed and personalized feedback while ensuring consistency between different instructors' teaching styles.

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