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Introducing Automations: Supercharge your User Management and Communication Workflows

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Automations LearnWorlds feature

Αt LearnWorlds, we’re always seeking ways to simplify your business-critical processes while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Today, we’re proud to announce Automations, a groundbreaking feature on our platform designed to redefine how you manage and communicate within your online academy.

At the heart of Automations lies a simple idea: to make your life easier. It’s a tool designed to work seamlessly in the background, handling administrative tasks and significantly enhancing your personalized communication workflows.

With Automations, you can focus on what truly matters — creating and delivering exceptional learning experiences.

The power of efficient user management and communication cannot be overstated. With Automations, we’ve reimagined the workflows you use to manage and communicate with your learners, offering a suite of capabilities designed to make your interactions more timely, relevant, and personalized.

Automations are equipped with 19 ready-made templates and 30+ customizable triggers and conditions, enabling you to manage and communicate on the spot, where and when it’s needed the most.

Automations feature by learnWorlds

In the diverse eLearning landscape, every academy has its unique needs and challenges. Recognizing this, we’ve designed Automations to be a versatile tool capable of addressing a wide variety of use cases.

Below are some ways you can harness the power of Automations to elevate your academy 👉

Personalized email and school messages

Generic email messages no longer cut it. Learners crave personalized experiences; they want communication that speaks directly to them. That’s where Automations come in.

Take personalized communication to the next level by sending emails and school messages that address users by name and provide content that is triggered and is specifically relevant to the most critical checkpoints of their learning journey.

This not only makes your learners feel valued and understood, but it also increases the effectiveness of your communication, leading to higher open rates and fostering a deeper connection with your courses.

Marketing engagement in real time

You are now able to engage with your learners precisely when and how you want to.

Whether welcoming a new learner or promoting a personal discount, Automations ensure your marketing communication is timely and relevant.

Streamlined and efficient user management with Automations and Tags

At the core of Automations lies a commitment to efficiency.

Whether updating product progress or assigning user tags, Automations ensure these tasks are executed smoothly and efficiently, reducing the risk of errors inherent in manual workflows and liberating your time to focus on the bigger picture.

Effective user management is a cornerstone of success, the engine that drives your online academy, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

In conjunction with the new Tag manager, we’re elevating user management to new heights, offering a suite of capabilities designed to streamline your processes and make your life easier.

Assign a different After Login page and enroll in private Courses

With Automations, you can easily tailor the educational and navigation experience to meet the needs of specific user groups. Used in conjunction with our different After Login Page feature and the Tag-based course enrollment automations, you can create entirely custom and personalized educational content and presentation experiences for diverse groups of learners.

Automatically complete learning activities for your learners

Automations allow you to automatically complete learning activities based on specific conditions. This is particularly beneficial for learners who may already possess the knowledge covered in some activities.

For example, you can set up an automation that checks if the learner has passed a specific assessment during sign-up and mark any related activities as completed.

By acknowledging their existing knowledge and focusing on new learning opportunities, you save time for your learners and personalize their learning journey.

Use multiple Automations in tandem with action-triggered User Tags

Creating personalized learning experiences is vital to engaging and supporting individual learners. Automations, with their flexible and adaptable design, allow for such customization.

In this use case, we demonstrate how two Automations can work together to provide a tailored learning path for learners who require additional consultation.

Consider an online academy that wants to offer additional support to learners enrolled in a specific course. Upon enrollment, Automations can assign a course-relevant tag to each learner. This tag serves as an identifier, marking the learner’s chosen course of study.

Within the course, the school owner has integrated a Form, inviting learners to submit it if they are interested in receiving extra study material and scheduling a session with the Instructor. This is where the second Automation comes into play.

If learners express interest through the form and retain the course tag, they are automatically enrolled in a private course for additional support. This process uses two Automations in conjunction with action-triggered User Tags.

When a tag is added as an action of one automation, it can then trigger a second automation based on its condition.

Mobile push notifications

We live in a mobile-first world, so staying connected with your learners is crucial. That’s why Automations include the ability to send push notifications directly to your learners’ mobile devices.

Whether acknowledging a certificate award, a course reminder (coming soon), or a special offer, our mobile push notification feature ensures your learners are always in the loop, even when on the move.

Scalability unleashed

Automations transform how you manage and communicate with your users, making this communication more efficient, reliable, and scalable.

As your academy expands, Automations are ready to scale with you. They are designed to handle any size of learner base, ensuring you can manage your expanding academy with ease and efficiency.

With Automations, you can grow without limits, confident that your user management processes can handle the increased demand.

💁 To learn more about how Automations work and discover additional settings and tips, please visit our Help Center articles here and here.

We’re thrilled to announce that Automations is available in Beta today for all Learning Center and High Volume schools.

Whether you’re just starting out or already managing a sizeable online academy, you can use Automations to streamline your processes, enhance your communication, and deliver a personalized learning journey for each learner.

Start exploring the power of Automations and take your academy to new heights:

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