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Create Personalized Learning Experiences for Online Schools

Androniki Koumadoraki Content Writer LearnWorlds
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Delivering personalized learning experiences is quintessential for engagement and knowledge retention. Every learner has unique learning needs and preferences, and the more these are catered to, the better they will learn and the more they will enjoy their learning journey.

When a learner has a positive learning journey, they’re also much more likely to purchase another online course from you. Because they know they won’t buy just an online course – they will buy a learning experience.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could offer that to your learners? With LearnWorlds, you can! Watch our on-demand webinar and discover how to transform your knowledge business with learning-centered microflows tailored to your audience’s needs.

The Four Pillars of Personalization

But what does a personalized learning experience look like? Let’s explore the four touch points in a learner’s journey that require personalization:

Pillar 1 – Website

Increase conversion rates and enhance the user experience of school visitors through tailored navigational journeys.

👉 Guide your school visitors through website pages and sections tailored to their journey stage, whether they’re visiting for the first time, ready to make a purchase, or are already enrolled as learners.

Pillar 2 – Learning path

Craft custom learning paths to deliver your training program in a sequence that seamlessly aligns with your learning objectives.

👉 Create a course that flows and gradually builds knowledge and skills without overwhelming the learner.

Pillar 3 – Learning content

Share personalized educational content designed to maximize learning outcomes.

👉 Help your learners reach their learning goals faster and get the most value out of your course through a custom-tailored learning journey.

Pillar 4 – Communication

Adapt your message to resonate with each learner, at the right time. Targeted communication is key: it’s valuable for the recipient, helps drive the desired action, and is most effective in building rapport.

👉 Trigger segmented and highly relevant communication to target different learner groups.

How LearnWorlds Can Help You

During the webinar, our LearnWorlds experts will show you how to leverage LearnWorlds’ advanced functionalities to move past generic and impersonal online learning environments and deliver highly personalized learner experiences that will make your learners come back to you again and again!

More specifically, you’ll explore the following features:

Are you excited? Well, you should be because personalization can completely transform your online school and skyrocket the value you bring to your learners!

Ready to master the art of tailored learning journeys to upgrade your Academy? We invite you to watch our on-demand webinar.

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Androniki Koumadoraki Content Writer LearnWorlds
Androniki Koumadoraki

Androniki is a Content Writer at LearnWorlds sharing Instructional Design and marketing tips. With solid experience in B2B writing and technical translation, she is passionate about learning and spreading knowledge. She is also an aspiring yogi, a book nerd, and a talented transponster.