Transform assessments with the power of storytelling

Immerse the learners into concrete, believable and engaging assessment scenarios, help them gain knowledge through questions and encourage reflection. Learn how to transform assessments into interactive stories which are authentic, exciting and effective.

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12 steps for great story-based assessments

Join now our webinar and discuss the following steps on how to mix science and business to design and develop exams, quizzes and learning diaries that make a difference

01: Create the scenery

Appearance and navigation options

02: Tell a story

Start an interesting dialogue

03: Design authentic questions

Come up with vivid and rich exam questions.

04: Be a real part of the story

Provide your feedback through video

05: Go beyond the ordinary

Prepare a transformative feedback strategy

06: Warm them up

Prepare your learners for success

07: No self-reflection, no learning

Challenge your learners to reflect

08: Measure with accuracy

Advanced scoring options

09: Exams and quizzes take effort and investment

A robust & safe environment for your learner

10: Post-submission hyper personalization

Segment & talk based on how they respond

11: Depth of expertise

Certify the depth of expertise for professionals

12: Reuse and Repurpose

Repurpose your exams and quizzes to reduce costs

After this webinar you will be able to...

Automate your expertise into story-based assessments
Design and build engaging hybrid assessments
Develop an integrated and interactive feedback strategy
Take advantage of LearnWorlds Assessment Builder capabilities

Meet our Experts

Join Panos and George, LearnWorlds two co-founders with PhDs in Educational Technology and with 25 years of experience in creating assessment tools, along with Jo and Eliza, LearnWorlds Experts talking about how to make assessments more collaborative, more impactful, and more results-driven.
Panos Siozos, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder
George Palaigeorgiou
CPO & Co-Founder
Jo Milonis
Product Marketing Manager
Eliza Canni
Learning Designer Expert

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