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Course Catalog Updates: Streamlined Management for Admins and Improved Course Discovery for Students

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Whether you’re teaching, coaching, training customers, or onboarding employees, courses remain the primary method for delivering your valuable learning content.

In the e-Learning field, your course catalog works the same way as a shopping window for offline consumers. It showcases your offerings and entices potential learners to explore and engage with your content.

At LearnWorlds, we’re proud of our commitment to delivering impactful product updates that empower creators to run their knowledge business efficiently and with the utmost simplicity.

As the newest advancement to our platform, we’re bringing several updates to our course catalog to optimize admin management and enhance course discovery for students.

Let’s dive into the latest improvements to see how they will make course management easier for you, and course exploration – for your learners.

Manage course categories from a single place

We understand the importance of efficient organization. You can now access and manage all your course categories from a centralized point – course category manager – simplifying the categorization process and ensuring a cohesive structure across all courses.

No more jumping between separate courses to adjust the category – everything can be done from a unified dashboard.

From a convenient dashboard, admins can delete or add new categories, rename them, and add or remove courses to the category, all in a couple of clicks.

Customize the visibility of relevant elements

Show/hide the course progress bar

Not all interface elements are relevant to your courses. For example, in some cases, you might not want students to see the course progress bar.

Now, you have the power to control the visibility of the course progress bar to fine-tune the user interface.

Display subscription course prices

With just one toggle, hide the individual course price from the course subscription block.

This update allows for a more personalized and streamlined experience, ensuring that key interface elements are present only when relevant.

Display more comprehensive and relevant search results

Customly arrange courses in the catalog

Customize the way you display courses to the students. Do you want your students to see all courses in your offering or discover only specific ones?

You can flexibly tailor the courses you showcase to your students by creating a custom list showcase or enabling initial view by the newest, popular, free, and other available categories.

Improve courses discoverability

We have improved our search engine to help your students discover relevant courses more easily.

Our search engine now finds a keyword in section names, activities, and all other entities of a training program. So, when your students are searching for a course, they will be presented with expanded and more relevant results.

Offer a free section of a paid course to increase course sales

Do you want to boost course purchases? Nothing works better than a free sample.

Make the first section of your paid course free and offer it to potential customers. In this way, users will get a taste of your valuable training program and will be enticed to continue learning.

After completing the free section, an engaged user will more likely enroll in a paid course. What a simple way to generate more sales!

Personalized learning paths based on enrollment status

Your course catalog is not only a shopping window for potential customers. It’s also a learning portal for your existing students.

As a school owner, you don’t want to create a situation where a learner visits your catalog with the intention of accessing the course they’re already enrolled in, only to be redirected to the checkout page. This creates confusion and unnecessary friction, ruining the user experience.

Now, you can flexibly customize the flow of an enrolled and not-enrolled user. With a couple of clicks, personalize the learning experience by redirecting leads to purchase the course and existing students to view the course player or course overview.

Boost course visibility in search results

With the newest update, courses in your catalog work as hyperlinks. This means a user can open them in a new tab or window with a right mouse button click.

This will also make your courses more easily discoverable in search engine results. Such a small change both enhances user experience and increases your courses’ visibility.

These new features represent a significant leap forward in enhancing the overall user experience for both administrators and students. We are committed to providing a platform that is not only feature-rich but also intuitive and user-friendly.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and elevate the learning experience on our platform!

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Lizaveta Skrobat
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