Choose one of the 8 course certificate templates for your online school and courses.

8 Course Certificates Templates For Your Online School

Download the 8 ready-made certificates templates, customize them to meet the needs of your school or business and offer them to your learners. Whether these are your students, employees, customers, partners or associates, choose the certificate templates that fit best into your training program or course. Explore the different types of certificates e.g. certificate of competition, certificate of participation, certificate of success, certificate of training and more.

What's Inside?

Course certificates work as an excellent incentive, motivating learners to complete their training every step of the way. They carry certain significance because they are proof that a learner has successfully passed all necessary assessments - assignments or exams, and got awarded the appropriate prize and recognition.

This resource comes with 8 different types of certificates templates, that you can download and use immediately. It also explains how you can create your own certificates template with LearnWorlds in the PDF format.

Who is This For?

  • Course creators who want to start offering certificates to their learners.
  • Freelancers, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, social media professionals, or entrepreneurs who sell online courses and want to offer the relevant accreditation to their learners.
  • Companies of all sizes, large and small, SMEs, and non-profit organizations, that want to award their employees, partners, customers or associates certificates as a proof of competing their training.

How to use the templates

The first step to take is to create a template of your certificate. Create the template of your choice with your brand, logo, etc, e.g. a Word file, and then save it in PDF format. Use any PDF editor to edit it and insert the appropriate Text Fields with values as shown below. Make sure to keep the file size below 1MB, preferably below 500KB.

The following steps are based on PDF Escape Online Editor. The procedure in other PDF editors may vary, however, these are the basic steps you need to take.
  1. Visit
  2. Choose to Create a new PDF document.
  3. Click on Upload and select one of the custom templates we have prepared for you here. You must first extract the page with the specific PDF template and save it as a separate PDF file.
  4. Click on Form Field, pick Text and click on Select.
  5. Choose the area where you would like to insert this Field onto. And give it a proper size to fit your text.
  6. Click on the object and select Object Properties.
  7. Type the Certificate Field name to the object, choosing one from the following table. Field names are case-sensitive. Preferably set the Alignment property to Center so that the text flows nicely. It would be good to set the font size to. Auto on the top text toolbar of your screen. If the background color of the certificate template is black, you can change the color of the text to white, via the color option, found next to the font size option.
  8. Click on the Download icon to save the final .pdf file.
  9. For more information on how to create a certificate template, you can also check out our Help Center’s blog post “How to Create a Certificate Template”.

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