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Introducing: Enhanced Email Integrations, More Data, More Love… More Sales!

Sara Cortellazzi - Senior Product Marketing Manager LearnWorlds
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Great news for all our LearnWorlds SuperStars! You can engage with your audience more effectively than ever with our email marketing integrations’ enhanced capabilities!

Connect the most powerful email marketing tools available on the market – Mailchimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, Convertkit, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailerLite, or Moosend – with the new lead capture capabilities of our Site Builder, and you’re all set.

LearnWorlds course creators have at their fingertips better quality and quantity of the data synced in real-time from their online school to their favorite email marketing tools. More data, more love… More sales!

You can reduce manual work and have peace of mind that the integration does the job for you. You’re allowed to rest from time to time or focus on content creation while your email automation sells more courses for you.

💍 Lead Capture and Engagement

New lead grabber widgets available on the Site Builder.

To take advantage of all the new capabilities of the email integrations, you can add to your website (or popup!) a lead capture form with fields that you can use directly to feed your merge fields. What does this mean? It means that you can add the First and Last Name to your preferred email list! How? Every new user that signs up to your LearnWorlds school will automatically be added to the corresponding list on your automation tool of choice (more on this below).

Setting up a lead capture to go to your email integration

Automatically categorize your leads.

LearnWorlds’ email marketing integration shares with your selected tool an information pack about each lead that you collect through your site. This information pack contains UTM parameters and tags you’ve pre-set in your email grabber (see the previous paragraph).


UTM parameters help you discover how your leads found your site (e.g., social media, online advertisement, referral site, etc.). You can use this knowledge to maximize your effort on the most lucrative channels and personalize your communication with your leads. While the tags you associate with a specific email grabber will tell you where, in which page, and with which widget exactly they interacted with.

For example, you may have different email grabbers on your site (one for notifications about new blog posts, one to receive more information about the courses, one to get a call back from a salesperson). With this new functionality, you can efficiently act upon the kind of engagement they would like to have with you (call them / email them specific material, etc.).

It goes without saying — leads are to be nurtured (and sold to).

💌 Email Integrations for Automated Sequences and More

Auto-tagging to trigger sequences and categorization.

You can think of automated action tags (or auto-tags) as “labels” that are automatically attached to your users to help you categorize and manage your learners, as well as trigger some super-useful automation like automated email sequences.

For instance: When learners enroll in a course in your LearnWorlds school, they will be labeled with the corresponding tag in your email marketing tool. Then you can use this tag to trigger an automation (i.e., send an email sequence) to the corresponding users.

With LearnWorlds, you can set up auto-tagging for learners. You can use this feature to nurture your existing audience, cross-sell and upsell.

Email auto-tagging of utms in your LearnWorlds school

Users’ preferences are easily tracked and respected.

Users can manage their communication preferences – aka unsubscribe – and the integration will sync the marketing automation tool. In this way, you can always be sure that you’re respecting your users’ privacy and interests (as well as being GDPR compliant) with zero effort.

Add extra personalization to your emails with the new LearnWorlds Custom Fields.

You can also add extra personalization to any email campaign. Learnworlds syncs a rich information pack for each of your users with the email marketing tool. This information pack contains UTM parameters (short text codes added to URLs that track the performance of a webpage or campaign.), as well as the following fields/tags:

Adding up a custom field to your email integration

💁 Note: To sync any of these fields, you need to create the corresponding “custom fields” in the list you have selected for your users in your marketing tool.

What Data Points are Synced?

If you already have a LearnWorlds school, you have the option to sync your registered users’ and leads’ information with your favorite tool. We strongly recommend you sync your users and leads to different lists (or “audiences” as defined by Mailchimp).

What we do is sync user data as custom variables to the email marketing software of your choice. You can then use those variables to segment your audience or trigger emails based on their activity. This way, each person on your list gets the correct email at the right time!

We also suggest further personalizing your email campaigns with unique users’ and leads’ additional dynamic content. You can go ahead and add audience fields to your lists.

Here is what information is passed to your chosen email marketing software (Please note that this may vary slightly depending on your platform).

Custom signup fields

+Any other custom fields you’d like to create and collect!

How to Get Started?

If you’re setting up emails integrations for the first time now in your LearnWorlds school, we can give you some hints on how to get started:

We’re going to use Mailchimp for this example, but, as you will notice, the steps you will need to follow if you choose any other of the eight email marketing platforms are your disposal are incredibly similar.

Set up MailChimp in your LearnWorlds school in five steps:

For more technical details, go to the support articles:

Mailchimp Integration

Active Campaign Integration

AWeber Integration

ConvertKit Integration


ConstantContact Integration



How Do Top Course Sellers Use Email Integrations?

These data points provide you with precious information about your audience. So, how do top course sellers transform this information into actionable insights?

First and foremost, audience segmentation.

It’s incredibly tempting to send the same message to the same people written with a neutral tone of voice so it can address anyone. It’s quick, and you can mark it as “done” in your to-do list, but that’s as good as it gets. The so-called “spray and pray” technique is borderline pointless. So what can you do instead?

“Segment and automate” is the new “Divide and conquer.”

By segmenting your audience and tailoring your message per each audience segment, you will get a higher conversion rate from your email campaigns.

For example, including your existing clients in an email promoting a flash sale you’re running (while they just bought it full-price) is a clear no-no. Indeed the offer will reach those interested, but if you keep sending irrelevant stuff, they will open your email only to hit the unsubscribe button.

Instead, keep your comms always relevant to your target audience, and they will open your emails more happily. For example, if you send the flash sale to the leads who have been visiting your site and churned just before buying, there are more chances that they will welcome your offer!

How to segment your audience.

Depending on your business model, you may want to segment your audience in different ways. Luckily the new segmentation based on tags and custom fields between your LearnWorlds school and your favorite email automation provider (choose between Mailchimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailerLite, or Moosend) is made just for that!

Here are some examples of segmentation you may want to consider:

Listed below are some examples of emails automation that is effective for your school:

Email broadcast.

Emails — such as newsletters, one-off offers, updates about the latest info or content — can be sent to specific members of your audience. You might want to avoid sending unique offers to customers who bought recently.

Automated Sequences – Create different email sequences or workflows based on the actions of your users. Different sequences serve different purposes, and you can nurture leads into customers, reward repeat customers, and upsell others.

There are many automated sequences you can make, for example:

Drip Emails – Drip email campaigns are emails set to be sent at specific intervals. You might want to welcome users, share a bit of information every time, educate them on using your resources, or send exciting material to keep them engaged.

Prepare a tips & tricks campaign to give some value to your audience and increase engagement. Send them great advice every few days to get them hooked!
Educate them on using the platform and come back to visit their course until they finish it.

Create an upsell sequence for a limited-time offer. Prepare the sequence beforehand and let the drip email deliver it without you manually sending every email. Exclude people who have already bought your course.

Trigger-based Emails – Send emails based on the actions a user has taken. For example:

Time-based Emails – Send emails based on the date someone has registered, visited the school, or bought a course.

Don’t Have a Favorite Email Automation Provider Yet?

Here’s a roundup of the email automation tools marketers love the most and that integrate with LearnWorlds:

Active Campaign

Active Campaign Email Integration

Active Campaign is an integrated email marketing and can double as a small business CRM & sales software. It allows you to send newsletters and automated messages to contacts, segment your audience and personalize every campaign.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with Active Campaign


Aweber Email Integration

AWeber helps entrepreneurs drive results with email automation. You get access to ready-to-use email templates, list management, autoresponders, and email tracking with detailed insights. It offers live chat, phone, and email support, as well as live webinars and a rich library of how-tos and tutorials.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with AWeber


ConvertKit Email Integration

ConvertKit is a robust email marketing platform for professional bloggers, creators, authors, and marketers. It is easy to use and set up auto-responders, drip emails, and segment your contacts. Its support includes an extensive knowledge base and learning material.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with ConvertKit


Mailchimp Email Integration

Mailchimp is a simple and easy-to-use email marketing software, suitable for small businesses with simple automation needs and an easy way to set up and send newsletters to any email list size.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with Mailchimp



GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing automation platform with a user-friendly email creator, professionally designed email templates, and a comprehensive dashboard for managing your campaigns.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with GetResponse


constantcontact logo

ConstantContact would be right for you if you’re looking for a super easy-to-use platform with high-quality customer support. It’s most suitable for email marketing beginners who need simple features at a fair price.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with ConstantContact



MailerLite is a robust email marketing tool with a rich set of features. MailerLite comes with a handy drag-and-drop editor, providing a deep level of customization for your emails.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with MailerLite


moosend logo

Moosend offers advanced features like multi-step marketing automation workflows, but if you don’t use email marketing often, you don’t even have to subscribe to a plan: Moosend offers a credit system, allowing you to pay only when you actually send emails.

💁 Learn how to integrate your school with Moosend


🚀 Your favorite email marketing tool is not on the list? Just shoot us an email (


Final Thoughts

Email marketing is an essential tool in any online business arsenal, especially one selling online courses. One of their top priorities was automating the lead collection and marketing efforts with the best email automation tools through our customers’ feedback.

To make your life easier, we have also improved the user interface, which will guide you step by step on setting up the integration, and we’ll make sure that no data is missing! This means you can collect and aggregate user data more accurately, resulting in bullet-proof automated campaigns for your audience.

Mailchimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, Convertkit, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailerLite, and Moosend are at the top in their niches and can level up your marketing efforts. If you are not using any marketing software, it’s probably the next thing you will need to be looking after setting up your school.

🔥 Check our article to learn about many other ways you can leverage email marketing to grow your Academy.

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